Wedding Gowns with Matching Capes

Winter Wedding Gowns With Whimsical, Matching Capes!

Create a wedding day look that’s even more whimsical with a matching cape to dawn throughout your winter celebration. You’ll be bridal and beautiful in one of these stunning designs!

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesChic, slick and beautiful, this gown will be fun to accessorize with but also gorgeous flowing down the aisle towards your groom.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesLace detail on the top, lace detail on the bottom and a beautiful silhouette and shape in between, this gown is a beauty!

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesDelicate and whimsical, this illusion cape tops off this easy design with the perfect feminine touch and unique appeal.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesThe embellishments and intricate details of both the dress and the cape are too incredible to look over. It’s quite the showstopper.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesAlthough the gown underneath seems simple and sophisticated, the voluminous cape atop adds a certain bit of charm that would otherwise be missed.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesThere’s something quite glamorous and bold about this piece, especially the insanely gorgeous high-neckline that will bring all eyes up and onto your blushing face!

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesThe topping to this dress is unique, elegant and such a great way to bid your goodbyes in at night after a celebration of dancing.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesLong and full of lace, both the gown and cape make a romantic and powerful style for everything from walking down the aisle to the receiving line.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesThe silhouette of this gown doesn’t need to be covered up, but the cape surely tops off the simple design with a certain bit of elegance and fashion-forward energy.

Wedding Gowns with Matching CapesDrape this light and flowing cape over your shoulders to top of an easy winter-inspired bridal look.

all photos via Brides