Q: “What is the best look for a groom?”

Dear grooms – I know that you feel a little neglected when it comes to your wedding ceremony because everybody has the tendency to give more attention and importance to the bride, but to show you that you are important as well, we will give you some important information that will help you keep your budget under control.

Wedding day groom look

Your tuxedo or wedding suit is very important, thus you shall be attentive and you should purchase something glamorous and fancy. However, usually the groom’s suit does not cost more than the bridal gown.

A wedding tuxedo, however, is much more expensive than a regular suit. How much?  It could be anywhere from $400 to $2000.

Wedding suit

Groom’s accessories are important too and it is important that the bridal and groom accessories match. As a result the bride and groom should purchase these elements together and they should math the colour and styles. Anyway, let’s enumerate the things that a groom needs. For starters, we will begin with the groom’s tie or bow tie. This is very important because it adds an elegant note to the wedding appearance of the groom and you will have to pay only $20. A very important groom accessory is his pair of shoes. These shoes must be elegant, comfortable and luxurious at the same time because the groom doesn’t have many accessories but those that he will have to buy must compensate for this shortcomings. An elegant pair of shoes will cost the groom around $100-$300.

Groom shoes

And in order to complete their look every groom will need an elegant watch. We definitely love how a nice watch looks on the hand of a handsome man, thus make sure that you purchase something like this for your wedding appearance. Our recommendation would be for you to go for a Citizen watch, because it is elegant and appropriate for this occasion and at the same time it won’t cost you very much (around $150).

Groom accessories

So, it seems that the groom will have to pay only $200 for his wedding appearance, a cost that we believe to be quite affordable for your wedding day. So do not get cheap when it comes to your appearance; buy only the best and dare to expose a fancy look.