Autumn wedding cakes

Marry this fall … how beautiful! Autumn wedding cakes are the most daring and exciting of all seasons … It is important to let your imagination step in the changes in nature. You’ll see that fall is far from nostalgic, but happy and full of life, if you know how to look at the colors and smell the fragrance. At your wedding, the richness of autumn flavor can be captured in the wedding cake that will captivate and delight all guests with his beauty!

October Cake

This is a simple, classic and elegant cake. It is a real wedding cake, with three floors of creamy and full counter. Decorative and subtle patterns, handcrafted in butter cream on each cake layer, crowns the cake.

Autumn joy cake

Rich, not just happy, this cake is full of surprises. And it is not only esthetic. Joyous of marzipan flavored leaves reveal the surprising flavors. The combination of cream and carrot is the first heady aroma, and below seasoned with ginger and cinnamon cream.

Fruit cake

Elegant, the cake can be found in three floors of autumn fruit softened by heat. Caramelized apple flavor with traces of cinnamon and creamy carrot will surprise you. And cake cream filling will melt any resistance. But until then, pour into the cake room richness and warmth of autumn, the ripe apples and maple leaves.

Festive cake

Crazy! Festive cake fills the room with color and looks fun. Caramelized sugar and whipped cream flavor is bitter-sweet because of the orange syrup. Three layers of delicious cream and syrup consistency, decorated with lovely flowers and seasoned with orange-red marzipan roses.

A romantic autumn cake

Apparently a classic wedding cake surprises hidden layers of whipped cream filled with walnuts and hazelnuts scattered. On the outside, the lace decorates each layer of butter cream, seasoned with leaves, twigs and acorns from marzipan to sting your tongue, or fund that melts in your mouth.

Autumn elegance cake

Traditional all white, is an elegant cake and attractive through his simplicity. For the lovers of classic cream, wedding cake brings fall surprises: decorations, not only visual, but very tasty. Bouquets of leaves in warm shades of orange, rust, green, yellow, bland, faded red, with bright red flavors that “break pattern” and a bold texture of fondant.

A warm autumn cake

Full of warmth and joy of bunk cream cake, pumpkin and carrot pudding captures all the senses. The cake is decorated with festive berries and cotton candy, and on top of the fund are two delicious and cheerful pumpkins.