Wedding trends – cupcakes instead of wedding cakes

I believe you all have noticed the latest wedding trend, which consists in replacing the wedding cake with some tasty and delicious cupcakes. Because we consider this to be something wonderful and nice for the couple getting married, we would like to tell you more and to offer you some great pieces of advice concerning this magnificent trend.

The first advantage that we could have thought of was the money issue. Like it or not a wedding is not easy to plan, so anything that could help you, save some money is definitely welcomed. So, it shouldn’t be a great surprise for you to find out that 100 cupcakes could be available at $250. Anyway, you should be patient and you should look thoroughly in order to find a great offer.

Another thing that should convince you to go for wedding cupcakes is the fact that in this manner you will be able to have more flavors at your disposal. Of course that if you are more traditional you may stick to one or just two flavors, but if you like modernity and diversity than you may totally go for several colors and flavors.

Also, your wedding cupcakes could help you stand out. Even if it has become a trend these days, replacing a wedding cake with something like this is not yet completely installed in our wedding habits, therefore if you will choose to have something like this than you will definitely help at transforming this trend into something permanent.

Not to mention that your: wedding cupcakes could be arranged in so many shapes: triangle, ellipse, rectangular and so on. Therefore, it is impossible not to end up with the desired aspect and design of “wedding cake”. So, be creative and let your imagination flow, so that you will have something unique and charming at your wedding ceremony.

In short, nothing seems to be wrong when picking something like this. You will have the money advantage, the aspect and design quality and not to mention that the taste will be wonderful and heavenly. So, have this wedding trend at your ceremony and you won’t regret this choice.