Essential questions that one must ask to his wedding cake designer

You have arranged a meeting with a wedding cake designer and that day has finally arrived. But, before going to that meeting there are a number of questions you should ask this person, in order to be sure that everything will be fine in your big day. Therefore, read the following lines, be very attentive and you will know for sure what you must know about your wedding cake.

First of all, you should ask if this cake designer has a portfolio that you can look at. Why? Well, firstly because this will show that this person is a serious baker and secondly because you must know if his / her talent and his / her way of designing cake will suit your wedding ceremony. Besides that, this portfolio will help you find the right design for your wedding cake. Therefore, do not forget to ask this important question.

Next you should see if there will be a tasting soon, because I believe you know that before choosing a certain person to work with, you shall have a taste of his / her work. Also, if you have certain preferences and if you want this person to add a certain flavour to your wedding cake, such as: vanilla, chocolate (black or white), rum, and so on; you should certainly have to speak out and to make your desires heard.

Oh, you should not forget to ask about the price that this person charges for your wedding cake. Especially, if you know that this is a problem for you, then you would better clarify this aspect first. Thus, ask about the price and see if he / she have certain cakes on sale. It won’t hurt to ask. Maybe thus you will find the right wedding cake for your ceremony.

Ask if this person could rent you some cake toppers and the other cake accessories that you need for your wedding. And don’t forget to see if you will be extra charged for this service.

You should also know how long it takes to make your wedding cake. Why? Well, because you want it to be ready before your wedding day. Therefore, make sure that you will clarify this aspect, because time is your best friend, but it could easily transform in your worst enemy.

And last but not least, see if the cake designer you will work with could provide you some delivery services. Ask how much will they charge you for this, or even better ask for a price list that you could study home. In this way, you will know for sure how much you will spend on your wedding cake and you will have everything under control.