best wedding cakes
Source: America's Test Kitchen

The Best Wedding Cake Recipes Ever!!!

Okay, you asked for it. We asked our readers and they wanted to know whether we could track down the best wedding cake recipes. We search far and wide in internet world and managed to select not just one, but several awesome wedding cake recipe ideas. 

A wedding cake is essentially just a really big layer cake, and making one from scratch can be fun as long as you plan ahead, are organized, and have all the right equipment on hand. One of these wedding cake recipes will be right for you, so have some fun and make a few and invite your friends over for a little testing. 

best wedding cakes

Add A Pinch: The Best White Cake Recipe

The Add A Pinch food blog is one of our favorites. For this specific white cake, she uses a combination of her grandmother’s recipe for a Vanilla Cake and one she had for her Butter Cake. Perfect not just for weddings, but great for birthdays and anniversaries too.

wedding cake recipe
Source: Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart: Teardrop Wedding Cake

This Martha Stewart cake not only tastes great, but also have beautiful fondant teardrops. Any wedding cake recipe that includes instructions for teardrop cutters to cut shapes from the three different hues you know is going to be great.

best wedding cakes
Source: I’m A Baker

I’m A Baker: The Perfect White Cake

This surprisingly simple but awesome recipe has fantastic flavor and a texture that is truly perfection. We chose this because readers of the blog say that even the-pickiest-dessert-eater-ever will love it.

best wedding cakes
Source: America’s Test Kitchen

America’s Test Kitchen: Secrets To Making A Wedding Cake

Before tying on your apron you should probably check out the secrets to making a wedding cake. A wedding cake recipe is only one part of the equation and we think this writeup has tons of details you should also know.

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