Say Goodbye To A Wedding Cake: Other Alternatives For Your Unique Wedding Dessert

What can be more expected and dull than a wedding cake? They are expensive, hard to transport, and in some cases you might even not get a chance to taste it! So maybe, it is time to look at this wedding tradition and say goodbye to it? Creative thinkers and people who try to create something unique out of every situation can provide you with a few other wedding cake alternatives which will be cheaper, funnier and more unique. Sounds amazing? I bet so!


I bet that the first thing which came to your mind were cupcakes. And there are probably some reasons why. Cupcakes are super cute, super delicious, and they are super budget-friendly. You can also count the exact number necessary for the wedding, so each and every guest will certainly get a bite of that too. Cupcakes also help you to keep up with the wedding theme, you can choose different flavors of those, and they are quite an adorable décor element too!

Dessert Shots

Another idea how you can improve your desserts without paying tons of cash for a wedding cake is to choose the so-called “dessert shots”. These little desserts in a small glass can be mini versions of cake, and they will also look great on any wedding theme. You can also experiment with different tastes and layers and create a truly unique dessert which is easy to eat for everyone. If you choose transparent glasses, you can even match the color of the dessert with your color of a wedding!


Well, cheese is not technically a dessert, but it surely can be a beautiful centerpiece for your wedding table too. Furthermore, if you and your significant other are a huge cheese and wine fans, and if you are, for instance, throwing a French themed wedding, we guarantee that cheese cake alternative is your best choice. Such choice is just perfect for couples who hate desserts. However, be sure to inform your guest about the cheese in the food. Some people are lactose intolerant, and that might ruin your wedding for them. On the other hand, you can provide small sweets somewhere for those, who can’t eat dairy so that everyone will be happy.

Waffle cake

If you are a huge breakfast food fan, and you can’t imagine eating something else for a desert, create a huge waffle cake and enjoy being a unique and out-of-the-box thinker for sure! Waffle Cakes can be decorated with whiff cream, various fresh fruits and covered with maple syrup everyone loves. It is also a much “easier” alternative to fat and very stomach filling traditional wedding cakes and it is just perfect if you have a daytime wedding.


Surely, if we mentioned waffles, we have to mention another dessert meal usually loved by many. Doughnuts are as fun as other desserts we mentioned, but it also gives you a possibility to express your individuality as much as you want. Different fillings, toppings, and icing will help you to match your wedding theme in a second. And surely, it is just perfect for brunch wedding too.

Ice cream

And finally, if you are throwing a summer wedding, and there is a big chance that it is going to be steamy hot on your wedding day, ditch dull wedding cakes and instead have an open ice cream sundae bar. People can choose whichever toppings they like and refresh themselves between hot dancing. This is what each summer wedding really deserves!

In the end – dessert for you

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