Outstanding Wedding Cake Options in 2018

A girl dreams of a wedding since her childhood and when finally she is engaged all she needs is everything perfect and down to detail as planned. The wedding cake is one such item on the list that is the highlight of the wedding and one cannot risk choosing a cake that does not compliment the theme of the wedding or is too bold or too boring for the wedding. Keeping this in mind, here we bring a list of wedding cakes that are the talk of the town in 2018 and are not just aesthetically beautiful but also mouth watering:

  • The Dripping Cake: Imagine a well-painted cake and chocolate sauce dripping from it. Or a white marble cake and blueberry sauce dripping from it. Is it making you try one right now? Well, then you what your wedding cake should be like. Imagine a 6 layer fruit cake with frosting and caramel or chocolate sauce dripping from and garnished with edible feathers, flowers, and ribbons. It will truly become the highlight of the wedding because of its decorations, texture and of course the taste.
  • Naked Cake: Can’t imagine how can a cake be naked? Simple, a cake without the frosting covering the inside of the cake and garnished with dry figs, fruits, botanicals is a naked cake. It was most in demand in 2017 and the trend continues this year as well with the extra addition of cool graffiti to spice things up. If you are worried about the budget of the wedding then don’t worry as promo codes from Bydiscountcodes.co.uk will help you order the best, naked cake for your wedding. So now your guests can actually see what’s inside the cake and eat their heart out
  • Classic Vintage: It never goes out of style and is in every way royal. White on white is a risk-free way of celebrating the union and there is no way one can mess up with this classy choice. What’s more? It goes with every theme, so just add layers to it and if you feel like then add some ribbons to it.
  • Pancake Based Cake: Just can’t get over pancakes? So how about a pancake based cake? It makes a perfect wedding breakfast as well and will make you splurge all you want with maple syrup, cream, and frosting on the inside layers of the pancake.
  • Ombre Cakes: Are you new to word Ombre? Well, this cake is a significant combination of different colors and patterns that make the cake look artistic yet delicious. For garnishing one can add corn flour made from flowers that are edible and will make the cake look perfect. It is a perfect cake for a beach wedding or spring wedding as the use of bright colors will certainly add beauty to the wedding.
  • Feathered Cakes: Also known as Brushstroke cake, it was originated in Russia and the owner flaunts it as a feathered cake. It is a perfect modern wedding cake that is a perfect blend of modern and classic cake making it irresistible for everyone.

To conclude, don’t fret the wedding bells and try out different types of cakes that will make your wedding memorable and laudable for years.

To explore the cake featured in the above picture, check out this recipe from Amy Green