Our Favorite Vintage Wedding Cakes | You’re Going To Love The Vintage ‘Naked’ Cake.

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At Team Wedding, we’re like most of you in loving vintage weddings, spending hours on end finding Pinterest inspiration. We found a vintage wedding cake on Pinterest last week and added some serious daydreaming since then to find  some amazing vintage wedding cakes for you to enjoy. Satisfy those cravings of yours with vintage wedding cake designs we’ve hand-picked to feast your eyes on. Get your sweet tooth ready because these amazing vintage wedding cake photos are seriously addictive and make us want to eat cake all day.

Vintage Ruffled Wedding Cake

We know, we know, not an original name for a cake, but we figured that an obvious name was the best in this case. This perfectly balanced wedding cake is a beautiful vintage looking, ruffled wedding cake with gorgeous  pink roses scattered throughout the cake adding serious pop.

vintage wedding cake
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Simple Yet Detailed Vintage Wedding Cake

This is gorgeous vintage wedding cake that initially seems really simple till you look at it closely. The flowers and decorations are plentiful and exquisite. The cake itself has lots of small details and touches that really add to the appeal of the cake without taking away from the feeling of vintage simplicity.

vintage wedding cakes
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Vintage ‘Naked’ Wedding Cake

We really wish we had a larger image of this cake. Some may argue that it is more rustic than vintage, but we think it really is vintage. There is no fanfare or frosting, just a simple, towered wedding cake with gorgeous flowers and greenery. The sign is pretty too.

vintage wedding cake
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Three-Tier Ruffle & Lace Wedding Cake

This vintage wedding cake by JCakes begins with a freshly baked, moist cake and is then filled with homemade. Finally frosted with your choice of flavored French buttercreams or rich chocolate ganache. Hmmm.

vintage wedding cake photos
Source: http://www.j-cakes.com/wedding-cakes

Vintage Floral and Polka Dot Wedding Cake 

The Cakery created this awesome vintage floral and polka dot cake. Seriously, who doesn’t love polka dots? That’s right, everybody loves them but they are hard to integrate into wedding cakes without going overboard. This is a great example of a vintage cake that has polka dots in a classy way.

vintage wedding cake pictures
Source: http://www.thecakeryleamington.co.uk/wedding-cakes

Textured Vintage Wedding Cake

This neutral ivory wedding cake has deep plum roses and some small hints of dark blue berries. It all comes together with a great outdoorsy vintage feel. The textured look also combines perfectly.

vintage wedding cake designs
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Peach & Blue Vintage Texas Wedding Cake

This cake was made for a Texas wedding. It is full of vintage details including a peach and blue color palette. The “we do” wedding cake toppers really finish off the vintage look. Love it.

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Source: http://theeverylastdetail.com/vintage-peach-blue-texas-wedding/

Dusty Pink Peony Wedding Cake

This is probably the most unique vintage cake we have ever seen. It takes the rustic yet vintage look to a whole new level by incorporating natural flowers and greenery in such a visually enticing way. The flowers look gorgeous and the overall feel is so luxuriously chick.

vintage style wedding cake
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Rustic & Vintage Combined Cake

This combo cake has great elements of both vintage and rustic components. We love the vintage cake topper and ruffled cake feel. The straw and greenery really dresses it up well and gives it that rustic theme.

vintage wedding cakes
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Nigerian Wedding Vintage Lace Wedding Cake

The name says it all with this cake. The lace is a stunning vintage look with lots of details. This is one hard cake to make so we’re in awe of just how amazing it came out. One our favorites.

vintage wedding cake photos
Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/181762534935071069/
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