Using Fresh Flowers on Your Wedding Cake



If you are planning a wedding, small details are important. They give your wedding a polished look, and make it apparent that a lot of thought has gone into the preparations for your special day. There are a number of small things that can be added to give your decorations that extra pop. Perhaps one of the most dramatic, however, is the use of fresh flowers on your wedding cake. There are several advantages to this design choice. If you are curious what adding flowers to your wedding cake can do to improve the aesthetics of your ceremony, then read on!


Adding Elegance

Adding fresh flowers to your wedding cake can add that bit of extra elegance. It shows your guests that you care very much for the presentation of your ceremony, whether you choose flowers that match the color scheme or instead go for something that simply compliments it. Your guests may also be surprised at how much the flowers enhance the appearance of the cake, as they are a truly unique decoration. Flowers for Everyone has a wide range of flowers, perfect for topping every wedding cake and if you in Australia they have a Love Cave Competition which is a perfect getaway for a couple.

Flowers Make Excellent Favors

Flowers from the wedding cake topper make excellent favors. Take them off before the cake is cut and then pass them out to your guests as they are leaving. Your guests will be thrilled to each receive a flower to commemorate your special day. Flowers are one of those simple things in life that make most people very happy. Receiving flower favors will allow your guests to feel as if this is a special day for them as well, and allow them to get in on the magic of your wedding.

Flowers are Timeless

Over the years, wedding toppers come and go. It is quite possible that you will have a topper ten years from now that you will regret. However, the timeless nature of flowers means that you will not have to worry about this fact. There will always be people who have flowers on their cakes, whether the very expensive chocolate and sugar variety, or the much cheaper fresh flowers we have discussed here. The simple, tried-and-true nature of fresh flowers means that though your wedding dress style may become outdated, your colors may not be the same ones you would pick ten years down the road, and your hairstyle of the time may make you cringe, when you look back on your wedding pictures, your flowers will be as timeless and beautiful as ever.

Flowers are a simple and elegant way to add pizzazz to your wedding cake. They also happen to be excellent wedding favor ideas as well as being just plain pretty. Add some flowers to your cake if you are planning a wedding, and you will be happy you did.