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Vow Renewal Ceremony Wording For Officiant

Question: What would the appropriate wording be for an officiant to say at a renewal of vows after 10 years? Is there a recognised speech and procedure as in a traditional wedding ceremony? What would he say to bring the ceremony to a close?

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Have you seen this page on vow renewal ceremonies?

Thank you, I just read it through. I am using a slightly different but very similar wording for our officiant. But I am not sure how to proceed at the end of the ceremony. My husband and I have the vows in hand, and anticipate reading or saying them to one another at the end of the officiant’s words, but what then? It seems silly to have him declare us husband and wife again, but I just cannot come up with anything else that could work yet. I was hoping that by now there would be some sort of standard vow renewal service something like the “dearly beloved…” through… declare you man and wife!”

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There really isn’t any standard, as this is just a simple ceremony where you two state that you are reaffirming your vows to each other.

A more appropriate statement from the officiate (anyone can do this because it isn’t a legal ceremony) could be to wish you many more years of marital bliss.

thanks, that makes much more sense… I appreciate the ideas…[:)]

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(Name) and (Name), by your continued love and committment, with the reaffirmation you make today, before beloved family and friends, (*in the presence of God, blessed by God), it is my honor to present (pronounce) you once again as husband and wife.

*if yours is a religious ceremony…

More creatively, your officiant can ask special family and friends to come forward and offer a personal parting blessing in their own words….

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