re-propose to my wife
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Is It Customary To Propose Romantically For A Marriage Renewal

Can I Propose Marriage, Again, To My Wife?

I am a self-proclaimed romantic imbecile. I would like to approach my wife of 24 years and re-propose a vow renewal. She’s a romantic and would say yes if, and only if, I do something more romantic then to pop the question over the meatloaf dish. Is it customary to propose romantically for a marriage renewal? And, if the diamond commercials are right, can I get a few suggestions?

Wedding Queen

Most couples decide this as a couple, but I see nothing wrong about being romantic and asking your wife if she’d like to renew the vows you exchanged all those years ago. Where the diamond commercials miss the boat is that this is not a second wedding and by using the phrase, marry me again, couples get the impression that they can have another wedding.

With regard to suggestions, this is such a personal event that I think you need to come up with your own idea. Keep her personality in mind (some women respond to humor, others to poetry, etc) and plan a wonderful evening, just the two of you. From the way you speak about your relationship, I think no matter what you choose to say, she will say yes. Let us know how it goes. Happy anniversary.

Etiquette Now

I completely agree. As an example, my husband likes to surprise me. So, he will plan something and write a little notes about it. He will put the note somewhere I will go in the morning after he leaves for work. One time the note was in the dishwasher! I love it. When you begin your plans, please visit this page on vow renewal etiquette.

Wedding Expert

Excellent idea, I must say, I am sure she will be very impressed. As for your two questions, I will leave the etiquette to those who know, I simply wanted to add my two cents on a few things.

When asking her to do this I would simply choose a location that is quiet, if she is more introverted or if she likes her privacy. I think picnics are exceptional and women are always impressed with the work that goes in to putting them together. Actually, I think you could even serve meatloaf if it was at a picnic or romantic setting, sort of. Anyway, you know the location she likes, so just do it there.

Second, just a suggestion, but I would recommend writing your own vows, it is so personal. After 24 years of marriage I am sure you both would have things you would want to say, or even things you would have changed in your wedding ceremony vows. I think she would love it. Way to be a romantic.

Propose Again to Your Wife

I have been married for 10 years now. I’d like to propose to my wife. When we were originally talking about marriage, we were both in the “I know we’re going to get married” mindset. Long story short, it was one of this “fine… let’s get married” moments. No romance at all. It still bothers me to this day–you don’t really get to re-do your marriage proposal…or do you? I’d love to try to do something for our 10 year anniversary. Is this a stupid idea? If not, what are some good ideas?

The Wedding Expert

I love this idea. Jewelers often have a marry you again rings. You could upgrade her ring and pick a nice restaurant to have dinner and propose the way you always wanted to. Alternatively, you could take a walk in the park or the beach together and do it quietly with just the two of you.

Bride Next Door

I’m with everybody else, this is a wonderful idea. I’ll focus on what you do after the proposal. Are you proposing that you renew your vows in a new ceremony? Are you planning to take her on a vacation surprise? This will take it over the top and she will remember it forever.