Guide to writing wedding thank you cards

[Guide] How To Write Wedding Thank You Cards: Etiquette, & Examples

So, you have to write a bunch of wedding thank you cards? And you don’t know where exactly to begin or what to do first? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you all the details behind the creation and craft of the perfect “thank you.”

Etiquette First

First things first, set a date and get these written and sent out as soon as possible. The more time that passes the less likely you’ll get them finished, the less motivation you’ll have, and the less of a genuine impact they will make.

Grab some wine, grab some snacks, and set up for a night of gratitude with your brand new spouse, you might even start enjoying it!. *Keep in mind not to let more than three months go by before sending them out.

Secondly, writing out thank you cards is easier than you may think. Even if you’re not a writer – the goal is simple: thank your loved ones for the gifts, their presence, their love, support, and all of their help, of course. Any other tone saturating the words would be inappropriate and lackluster.

Here are some examples of cards written with a thankful tone but presented in a few different ways:


Dear [Insert Name],

Our hearts were overjoyed to have you celebrate our wedding with us. The gifts you showered us with are appreciated and wanted, especially the crystal vase we can keep and display for the rest of our lives. We look forward to seeing you at Christmas! Thank you for everything. We appreciate your love, kindness, and ongoing support.

With love and gratitude,

[Your Names]


Dear [Insert Name],

Thank you so much for attending the wedding. Having you there made it such a better and more memorable experience. Also, thank you for the generous monetary donation to our, hopefully, successful marriage. If you ever feel like you have too much money, we will gladly – and continually – take it off your hands.

All the best,

[Your Names]


Dear [Insert Name],

Thank you for going out of your way to attend our wedding. It meant so much to have you in attendance. Our big day was even more unforgettable because you were there to celebrate it with us.


[Your Names]

Structure Second

When it actually comes to crafting the thank you letter, there are some elements that are definitely needed to finish the task. Remember that personalization is key to a memorable and authentic note of appreciation but there are some pieces that should be included in its creation, such as:

Opening Lines

  • We were absolutely stunned at the gift we received!
  • We were so surprised that you were able to make it to our big day!
  • It was such a pleasure to see you and your family.

Thank them for their attendance on your special day

  • Thank you so much for coming to the wedding. It was so much more memorable and special by having you by our side.
  • Thank you for sharing in on our wedding day. It wouldn’t have been the same without you there!
  • Thank you for coming and celebrating with us. You made it even better {by helping set up, busting out on the dance floor, etc}.
  • Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules and traveling all the way to our wedding. It really meant so much to us.
  • Thank you for making the trip to attend our wedding. It was wonderful to get to see you after so long!

If they couldn’t make it, let them know they were missed

  • We’re sorry you couldn’t make it to our wedding. It was a beautiful day, and you were missed — but we hope to see you soon!
  • The celebration wasn’t the same without you and you were missed!

Closing Lines

  • Let’s make plans to get together really soon!
  • We’re so lucky to have you in our lives.
  • We love you very much, see you soon!
  • Please visit anytime, the guest room is calling your name!
  • We are so appreciative of your love and support.
  • Your kindness has meant the world to us.
  • Thank you, sincerely, for everything.

Personal Touches

Always direct the tone of the thank you note toward the recipient. You can do this by mentioning the gift given or maybe a memory from the celebration. Something that makes this thank you meant ONLY for the one receiving it and not a copy and pasted version of another.

Different Ways To Say Thank You

Don’t spam all of your loved ones with over 50 of the same thank you’s. Instead, try out different ways to personalize your cards. Here are some of our favorite examples (borrowed from Hallmark):

  • “We really appreciate…”;
  • “[Brett] and I are so grateful for…”;
  • “Your wedding gift means so much to us”;
  • “We’re deeply thankful for…”
  • “You really blessed us [by coming to the wedding/with your wonderful gift]”
  • “Wow! The [crystal vase] you sent is just gorgeous!”
  • “It really warmed our hearts when we [opened the wedding photo book]”;
  • “We were both touched by your thoughtful gift.”
  • “You really outdid yourself!”
  • “You couldn’t have picked a better gift for us.”
  • “We’ll always cherish [the framed recipes handwritten by Nana].”
  • “We’re blown away by your generosity!”
  • “The [painting] is perfect! Do you know us or what?”
  • “We love the [blender]! We’ll think of you every time we [make Margaritas].”

Who Gets a Thank You Card?

Finally, who gets a thank you card? Let’s not forget anyone who helped, sent a gift, came to celebrate. Here’s a quick list to keep on hand:

  1. Parents and Grandparents
  2. Wedding Planner
  3. Venue Lead
  4. DJ/Band/Musicians
  5. Everyone in the wedding party, including any children and their parents
  6. Loved ones who help with ANY part of the wedding party or events leading up to the big day
  7. Everyone who attended the wedding
  8. Everyone who sent a gift
  9. Other vendors such as caterers or florist who went above and beyond