Having Trouble Choosing Wedding Favors? 5 Helpful Tips

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Distributing wedding favors is the perfecting way to show your guests how much you appreciate them being part of your special day. The only problem is there are so many types of gifts to choose from it’s impossible to know if you are making the right choice. Need some direction? Follow these tips to help make your wedding favor decision as simple as saying, “I do.”

Keep your theme in mind.

I’m sure you’ve spent a whole lot of time brainstorming the perfect elements to fulfill your wedding them. So why would you want to throw the entire concept out the window once it’s time choose favors? Choosing favors that don’t exactly coincide with your theme might actually do more harm than good by confusing your guests. So stay away from selecting a blue bottle of bubbles when you’re planning a Halloween or Fall wedding theme. You should also have favors match the tone of the wedding. Formal weddings call for very elegant favors while casual outdoor weddings may not. If matching favors to the theme is too difficult, try matching colors.

Decide who will be getting favors.

Ideally, purchasing favors for each guest is preferred. Some consider buying one favor per couple or family. This tactic is not recommended if you have a large guest list since it would be difficult to distribute the favors at the table settings, as typically done at receptions. Analyze your budget and guest list to determine what is best for you. If circumstances dictate you purchase one gift per couple or family, try getting something that won’t cause arguments and all can enjoy.


For example, I attended a family friendly wedding in which the favors were a small tin box decorated with the couple’s wedding date and filled with a deck of cards and directions to play several family games. Note than you would have to give one favor per household so guests don’t have to decide who takes the favor home.

Think about packaging.

A favor has to be more than just pretty and useful for the guests. It also has to be packaged well. Depending on how you plan to present your favors and where the wedding is being held, packaging can make a world of difference when celebrating your wedding. If you plan on having favors placed on each guest’s table setting, be sure that the packaging fits in well with the table décor. Having a destination wedding? Make sure favors are something that can easily be packed by traveling guests and won’t get confiscated by the TSA during their return trip home.

Damask Favor Bags

Be everlasting if you can.

I am a big fan of gifts that stand the test of time and that can be used by guests for a while. As a result, I usually prefer to stay away from edible favors, but know that many guests do love a little something to nibble on the way home from the reception!  If you are having a holiday themed wedding, try purchasing a house or tree decoration filled with bath salts. Once the bath salts are used, guests can display the favor on the table as a holiday season decoration for years to come. Another popular option is a picture frame favor. Some couples even hire photographers to take photos of guests through the night and develop them in time to hand out to attendees in frames before the festivities are over.

Christmas Ornament Wedding favor

Christmas Ornament Wedding Favor

Check reviews.

It’s super easy to search for great wedding favors online, but may be a little more work to do some research to find out if that favor is really as good as it seems. But, it will be so worth it to please your guests.  After identifying what seems to be a crowd-pleasing favor online, take a look at product reviews. Did it only receive an average of two stars when you thought it would get five? Did guests say that the favor fell apart? Or did the bride say that the favor looked absolutely nothing like the pictures online?

Show that you truly appreciate your guests’ attendance by doing your homework to make sure they will truly enjoy the favor. After all, the last thing you want is to purchase a gift that will fall apart before even leaving the venue. Not only will it appear as you don’t value your guests but it also serves as a poor reflection of your judgment.

What is the best wedding favor you ever received? Why?

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  1. Karen

    It’s nice to see some new articles on the topic of wedding favors and how to choose them, especially in an era when a lot of people seem to think that wedding favors aren’t even necessary anymore. I’m a big fan of wedding favors that are not only attractive, but are useful and practical for your guests and can be personalized so years later your guests will not only still have the favors from your wedding, they’ll even remember where they received them.

    A lot of couples are choosing laminated bookmarks to use as favors today too because they’re an affordable way to give little extra favors that can be personalized to go with any wedding theme. So once the guests empty the pretty favor bags and toss them away, they’ll still have the wedding bookmark favors to keep pretty much forever.

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