Colors and the bridal bouquet

Flowers are really important when it comes to weddings and ceremonies like that. You have to take into account the all the details in what concerns their color and how you blend them…. In the lines to come you’re going to read about symbols and we’re certain that you’re going to apply for the right examples.

We start with speaking about yellow. This particular color is a symbol of gold and sun and it worships divinity, light and eternity. It’s the color that is the more expansive between all and it’s warm in the same time, transmitting youth and force. It’s the color of triumph and of interior freedom. It’s lively, active and pale and it offers you a chilly feeling. It has an effect of offering you energy, being really important for the Chinese people- symbol of fertility and it’s related to emperors most of the times. Harmony is the word that can describe this color better. Flower arrangements can include: daisies, lilies or callas.

Red is a symbol of fire and blood and it’s tight related with the color of the summer sun and its symbol is ambivalent: like the hidden blood, it’s a source of life, widespread and it also means death. Red is also the color of chastity, but of passion in the same time. Like blood it’s like a sap for the human being, it stimulates the erotic side and it offers cheerful feelings in the same time. It’s a strong color and this is why you have to know how to dose it.

It’s the color most commonly used in some cultures: Chinese, Japanese, Armenians and in the Extreme Orient as well- it’s used fully in all what concerns the wedding décor and even the bride’s dress. It expresses life, unity, sexual vitality. It’s a symbol of joy in every home.

Camellias, red orchids, anemones, peonies, roses, lilies and dahlias are only some of the species of flowers that you can apply for. You have to keep in mind that some cultures having white and red flowers in the same bouquet brings bad luck, because it’s like a symbol of blood and a bandage.

We finish with talking about the blue color: it’s a symbol of the sky, it’s the color of wisdom and talking with your soul, but in the same time it’s also a symbol of love with tenderness. In association with white they become a symbol of virginal love and express detachment from the terrestrial things.

Blue keeps the promise of harmony and liberty and it’s the most profound and immaterial color that is around. It’s also the color of the dream and in some regions in Poland they paint even the exterior of the house of the future bride in blue. If you associate it with red it means true love, devotion and if you associate it with white or purple it’s an angelic symbol.