The bride bouquet is an important, necessary and beautiful accessory for your wedding.

It is said that the smell of the flowers can chase away the bad spirits. Depending of what kind of flowers you are going to choose for your bouquet , it can say what kind of person you are; each flower symbolizes something, for example, the white roses  symbolizes safety and happiness, the pink roses -grace and delicacy; the lily -magnificent beauty; the ivy –fidelity, friendship, and list can go on and on..

You have to take into account many things before choosing your wedding bouquet. First, it depends of the style of the bouquet, that can be, cascade bouquet, hand bouquet, the fan bouquet, biedermeir –which is a variety of wedding flowers.

The cascade bouquet is the most used one; it can be made of only one type of flowers or by a variety of wedding flowers. It is a very elegant wedding bouquet and it can be decorated with lace and pearls.

These type of bouquets are not very recommended if your wedding dress is simple and straight, think that the  cascade bouquet are almost all the time quite voluminous, and can cover your wedding dress , but there are also many  simple cascade bouquet.

A very used one is the hand bouquet, is very easy to wear and it can be made only by white roses, which is very romantic…or made of different wedding flowers.

If you are going to celebrate your wedding on summer or spring you can choose tulips, peonies, hydrangea and of course roses.

If your wedding is on winter the perfect flowers for your bouquet can be the magnolias, the orchid and all these can be combined with snowdrops.

The autumn season is also so perfect to celebrate your wedding; the flowers that you can choose for your bouquet are quite varied: sunflower, myrtle or carnation.

The vintage and couture wedding bouquet have a great success among the brides. It is clear that this bouquet you cannot wear it if your wedding dress is for example , a royal model, or the color of the dress is pink, it just doesn’t match with it.

What about for those brides whose wedding dress is black? What kind of bouquet would be perfect for her? Well, to begin with, a red rose’s bouquet could be nice or white and black roses. It would be also perfect a vintage or couture wedding bouquet, like the one we saw above.

Many of us can think that a single flower cannot be used; but why not ? You can combine one flower with, for example tulle, lace and pearls, the result can be astonished.

Let’s think that for any reason, that there are brides who don’t prefer a wedding bouquet made by flowers. There are bouquets made of lace, ribbon, tulle and all these can be combined with a brooch or pearls.

For the unconventional brides who want to give a bit of originality to their wedding can choose for example the purple tulips  or a mixed color of different flowers ,it can fit with any kind of  wedding dress.

Eventually, it doesn’t matter when you are going to celebrate your wedding; and don’t forget to put a four-leaf clover among your bouquet, each  leaf means something: faith, love, luck and hope, so what else can we ask for?