Flower arrangements for the wedding day

In case you were thinking we were done with our flower ideas for wedding then you’re wrong and you have to know that there are many other ideas and suggestions that you can apply for. In this case we have some flower ideas that can be used in different positions of your wedding. Open your eyes wide and read carefully all the things shared here with you.

So, we would like to start with our first example that consists of a flower arrangement which is composed of chrysanthemum flowers combined with roses. This can be used as a bridal bouquet, a bouquet for the bridesmaids or as a decoration for the chairs.

So, this sounds indeed interesting and we’re certain that how the flowers are combined and what details there are added, you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous combination of details. This one is made in a spherical manner, it has in the middle of every flower bud a black pearl and on the upper side you can observe an area that is made of roses together with a ribbon with dots. Indeed, an interesting combination and we’re certain that you’re going to love it….

Here’s another cute flower arrangement that definitely needs to be taken into account and you have to think of…. We’re speaking about an arrangement that is made of a candle which is placed somewhere in a glass container. Around this glass container, which is placed in the middle of the table and you can observe petals that seem to complete the image. Another thing that we have to add relates to the candle that has a ribbon placed around it and that ends tied up with a bow.

There’s another flower arrangement that we want you to take into account and this time we’re speaking about one that is composed of a long cylindrical vase. This one is filled with white and purple flowers. The white flowers have big buds and the purple ones are purple and look as if they’re a touch of color.

Here and there around the flower arrangement you can observe like a necklace that is made exactly like a necklace and there are also green plants added in such a manner as to create an interesting visual effect. These things will definitely cope gorgeously together and we’re sure that you’re going to see them as really interesting flower arrangements for which you can apply in the big day.

Be certain that these aren’t the only ones, there will be other more in the time to come and you can be sure that they’re as successful looking as these ones.