Q: “How should I hold my wedding bouqet?”

First off all you shouldn’t imagine that it is something very hard; it is a natural thing that you must treat likewise. Take your wedding bouquet, hold it in your hands and take a look in the mirror. Then, analyze yourself and see what stance would look better on you.

However, your flower bouquet is very delicate and you should care for it. Thus, hold it with both of your hands, cherish it and make sure that it will remain intact throughout the whole ceremony. At the same time you should not exaggerate with this care towards your bouquet, because otherwise you might look really awkward. Just, think about this task as something you have done countless of times before.

Another important fact that you will have to take into consideration is the design of your wedding bouquet. Some brides think that it is more fashionable to purchase a cascade long bouquet: in this case it is advisable to hide your hands behind the bouquet and to gently hold it. It will look really nice and everything will be perfect.

If you want a calla lily bouquet with some long stems then you will have to nicely hold the bouquet in your hands, just like a small puppet. This bouquet will help you create a fantastic look of yourself.

In other words, I advise you to calm down and relax, because this attitude will help you get through with the preparations of your wedding ceremony.