Bridal bouquet, flowers, symbols

Well, when it comes to choices the brides have to make a lot of them and besides choosing the wedding dress they also have to choose the wedding bouquet. Not all the brides apply for a classic bouquet and they’re also in search of a special piece.

Every flower and every color symbolize a thing or another. In order to make your choice easier we’ve chosen some of the most important flowers that are used in the wedding bouquet in order to make a general opinion and make the right choice.

We should start with the carnation and tell you all the things that you need to know about it. Most of the times, carnations symbolize love and admiration, but every color means something different. The red carnations are a symbol of love, admiration and affection, the white ones symbolize pure love, luck, the white carnations with straps symbolize the regret for a love that isn’t shared and the purple carnations are chose by those that are whimsy.

Gerbera is a species that tends to be used more and more by brides and it’s an excellent option for those people that want to express only positive and funny messages.

The traditional symbols for this type of flower are beauty and innocence and we’re certain that you want to express it through the bridal bouquet that you apply for.

The iris is another flower that is often used in bridal bouquets and it’s blended with some other flowers creating a really interesting combination in the same time. These flowers are a symbol of faith, trust and sage people. These flowers are loved for their beautiful tone of purple in which they can be found, but they also can be encountered in some other great looking tones like white, yellow and blue.

The last flowers that we want to mention about and that can be found in the bridal bouquet- orchids. These are exotic flowers and they express delicate beauty and rarity. They have been for centuries the symbol of luxury and beauty. Our ancestors considered these flowers symbol of virility and fertility. In Greece and Middle Orient one flower of orchid was offered to the brides. The Chinese people named orchids “plants with regal perfume”. These were also considered aphrodisiac plants and they were a basic element in love potions and spells.

We’re certain that you enjoyed reading about these details pretty much and we hope that you consider well all the pieces of information that you’ve received concerning the color and the symbol of every flower. Be sure to choose your  bouquet accordingly to all the pieces of news expressed here.