The Key To Winter Wedding Flowers | Hint: It’s Not What You Think It Is

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DIY wedding flowers have become a popular trend in recent years thanks to the powerful resources available to brides online. However, most of us lead pretty busy lives, leaving little time to take advantage of the DIY wedding flowers route. One simple solution:  do a little of both — hire a professional florist to handle the bulk of the flowers and save some DIY projects for yourself. Not only will you be saving some cold hard cash but, who knows, you may be surprised to find you have some floral design skills and a new hobby or career could be born.

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When planning your DIY winter wedding flowers, along with the natural flowers of the season, you should consider using some flowers that growers cultivate year-round in indoor facilities. This will help reduce the frustration if a certain seasonal flower is unavailable and still allow you to create some stunning arrangements.  The mainstay flowers that are frequently seen in other seasons can be used in winter weddings. Roses, tulips and gerberas are all available, although you may have to pay more since the winter season reduces availability.

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A popular choice for winter wedding flowers in the red or white poinsettia. The amaryllis, a tall, large-flowered plant also appears in bright reds and whites. These can be used as a table centerpiece or added in other ways to your reception décor. Another option is to go with more common wedding flowers such as roses, tulips or lilies, and accent them with ivy, red berries or holly to add a hint of holiday festive flair.

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Don’t worry; you will be able to choose from a wide variety of blooms. Many brides are surprised to see how many different winter wedding flowers fit into their color scheme and are delighted to be able to include some rather exotic blooms, like beautiful white alstroemeria , thanks to the discount pricing offered on by wholesale florists.

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However, since the winter is a somewhat unusual season to have a wedding, there’s no reason to stand on tradition. Think about symbols of winter and you can use the winter elements to your advantage. Think of pine cones, wooden stems, and berry branches. This will give your wedding more of a wintry feel. Holly, Ivy, and fir branches are also welcome additions which are very easily available and inexpensive.

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Once you have a good idea of what you will need, find a wholesale florist. If there is not one within driving distance of your home, there are plenty of Web sites that specialize in selling wholesale flowers.  The Internet is an invaluable resource when researching DIY wedding flowers, from photos and instructions to wholesale florists and consultants.

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Some brides order a small batch of wholesale flowers well before their wedding. This does two things. First, it allows them see the quality of the flowers from the selected wholesaler. Second, it gives the bride a practice run at creating an arrangement.

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The winter season gives you the opportunity to be very creative with your selection of flowers for your winter wedding. The real key to DIY winter wedding flowers is to combine the benefits of the “do it yourself” approach with the expertise of a professional florist.  That winning combo gets you both a professional, polished look and the personal touch and memory-worthy experience that every bride deserves.

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