Pink wedding flowers

In case you missed our topic that concerned wedding flowers don’t worry because we’ve got just the right examples to share here with you and we sure hope that you enjoy them pretty much, because it would be a real pity not to take them into account as well.

We thought it would really be an interesting idea to share with you some pink flower bouquets that are going to seem a really gorgeous option to apply for in the special day. So, we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy these pretty much and there’s nothing else to continue, than with sharing them with you….

You can definitely apply for a small pink bouquet that has some resembling details with some that you can observe on your bridal gown.

Like in this case, there are some feather details and flower details on the chest of the bride and she’s holding a small bouquet, made of pink and small flowers. It’s indeed an interesting blending of details. Let’s add that this bouquet is made in an interesting manner as well…. it has wrapped around it a ribbon, which is really gorgeous looking and it ends tied p with a bow. We’re sure that you’re going to love applying for it….

How about some exotic combinations of details and still end up with a really gorgeous pink flower bouquet? Like in this case…. You can apply for blending small roses in pink and orange tones with pink lilies and some green plants here and there. In order to make the imagery complete and to make it look vibrant and pretty colored enough you can definitely add a pink ribbon, made of semi transparent fabric. This effect is dazzling and really gorgeous looking in the same time!

Make sure that you wrap around the bouquet the ribbon that we’ve just mentioned about really good and that you realize it with long strains- for extra visual effect.

You can apply for another gorgeous looking pink flower bouquet. This time, it’s realized from faded pink flowers, which have a delicious shape and these are combined with the same flowers in the same shapes, the only thing that is different is related to their color tone, these have yellow tones here and there and combined with the flowers that we’ve just mentioned about, they create a really gorgeous effect. How about that?

Let’s also mention that this last bouquet that we decided to present to you is realized in a very compact manner and that it has only gorgeous details about it. In the end, you’re going to see how gorgeous these elements are ….