Pink Rose Boutonniere

Wrapping the Boutonniere: Materials & Ideas

Pink Rose Boutonniere

A miniature version of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres need attention to details too! From ribbon to lace, just like the ladies’ florals, the men’s need to have the right kinds of prep, planning and outside-the-box thinking.

That’s why we’ve decided to devote an entire day to lending a hand to our couples and wedding planners in the midst of making serious choices involving their celebration! Before you go to the florist, make sure you have an idea in mind for the boutonnieres too, from flowers to embellishments .. and how to hold them all together!

Let’s take a look at some ideas on how to wrap those little decor pieces up and display them proudly. Whether you’re planning a rustic-themed celebration or a super, suave modern event, we’ve got you covered!

Wrapping the Boutonniere: Materials & Ideas

1. Ribbon.

Ribbon Wrapped Boutonnieres

One of the more traditional routes to take, involves a simple ribbon. Always beautiful and timeless in style, a ribbon-wrapped boutonniere is a great choice. You can get ribbon in a variety of different textures and colors, and, if you’re lucky, patterns too. Choose ribbons that match the bridesmaids’ dresses or throw in a pop of color that you were too scared to spread too far around the reception!

2. TwineTwine Wrapped Boutonnieres


If you’re looking for something with a more rustic appeal and masculine style, try going for the twine choice. It has a more casual look but can still be paired with a variety of flowers without looking too out of place. Roses and cotton go quite nicely with this material, although, we advise you to stay away from cala lilies when choosing to wrap your florals in twine.

3. Feathers.

Feather Wrapped Boutonnieres

We love how unique and artistic this choice is. Modern brides and ones with an edgy, eclectic spirit, why not wrap up your man’s boutonniere with a feather? It’s ethereal, it’s romantic and it’s completely outside-the-box in wedding day style. Again, you can get feathers with pure white stems or those with more color like that of a peacock!

4. Lace.

Lace Wrapped Boutonnieres

There’s nothing as quintessentially bridal as lace. And there’s really no where to go wrong by using a beautiful piece to wrap your man’s boutonniere in. Again, you can find lace in a variety of creamy shades and sometimes blush too, and it bodes well with a variety of wedding style themes, from traditional to the newest sensation, shabby chic! We especially love the extra bit of texture a great piece of lace can add to the arrangement.

5. Burlap.

Burlap Wrapped Boutonnieres

For brides seeking a more organic, natural approach to her wedding day style, try going with burlap. It’s not just for rustic or country-inspired designs, instead it can also act as a neutral finish to a nature-focused, outdoor celebration. It’s worn well during the summer, around succulents, gerber daisies and just a bout of gorgeous, voluminous baby’s breath.

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