Why Would Anyone Consider Using Silk Flowers For Their Wedding?

Mother Nature can not be replicated with its beautiful and unique flowers.  So why would anyone consider using silk flowers for their wedding? Is it a budget decision or a preference?  Honestly, it all depends on the couple’s preference.  If it’s a budget decision then the question would be, is it really cheaper?  Depending on the type and quality of the flowers, the cost may end up being more than fresh flowers. There are locations you can find good quality silk flowers at a discounted prices.  For instance, if you ever go into Michaels Arts and Crafts, you will find that when they bring in new season merchandise, the old season merchandise will be significantly discounted.  So it’s always good to do some research before you consider buying silk flowers.

Hand Tied Silk Wedding Bouquet
Hand Tied Silk Wedding Bouquet

Even though silk flowers may end up costing a bit more than fresh flowers there are some advantages to having them:

  • You are able to have the arrangements ready months before your wedding day.
  • There is no wilting involved.
  • They are manageable, durable, and light to carry.
  • It is great to have for couples who are allergic to flowers, but want to incorporate flowers in their wedding.
  • They do not stain your wedding attire.


silk Orchid Corsage
Silk Orchid Corsage By Russ Phillips

Some couples consider silk flowers tacky and would definitely not prefer this option of flowers, but for those that do prefer silk flowers please consider the quality.  Quality of silk flowers is based on grade levels.  The higher the grade, the more realistic the flower.  The grading level is from 1 to 6, and anything close to a 3 would not be recommended to use for a realistic floral arrangement.  If you are buying silk flowers online, make sure to request a sample before placing your entire order.


silk stargazer bridal bouquet
Silk Bridal Bouquet with Stargazer Lilly

If you consider fresh flowers are the way for you, then ensure that the quality of the arrangements you are getting on your wedding day is mentioned.  You do not want wilted flowers, and you should not have to worry about not getting the right flowers if you hire qualified florist/floral designers.  Seek prior recommendations, and seek to see a sample of your flowers and/or arrangements prior to the wedding.  Please Note: Most samples will be included in your contract, limited to 1.  Other samples will request a fee.  Definitely sit down and meet with a florist/floral designer before making your decision whether you will use fresh or silk flowers on your wedding day.  Also consider, will you use fresh for the bouquets/boutonnieres and silk for the centerpieces or vice versa?  There are so many different options.