What Is An Eternity Rose & How Can I Incorporate It In My Wedding?

It’s a symbol of undying, enduring love and it’s a flower that won’t ever wilt. The Eternity Rose in your wedding display is a beautiful way to represent the lifetime of commitment and loyalty.

With options to buy an eternity rose dipped in 14k gold, platinum, silver, or even just a beautiful “glaze,” you can choose a piece that not only holds a romantic, important message but one that fits the vision of the wedding day as well.

Present it during the ceremony or have it displayed throughout the entire event. At the altar, on the cake table, as a gift from one half of the couple to the other, or even as the maid of honor’s “bouquet”, there are so many unique and special ways to incorporate this gorgeous design.

Afterward, bring it home and fill a spot in the house with its beauty – as a constant reminder of the vow and beauty of your big day.

Different Ways To Incorporate The Eternity Rose

  • Gift for the bride: What an amazing opportunity the Eternity Rose is for the groom to surprise his bride with! Whether it’s snuck into her room the morning of the ceremony or he presents it to her in front of all friends and family at the reception with a little speech of its meaning in tow, it’s a romantic sentiment to cherish for years to come.
  • Decorate the cake table: A wonderful place to display the golden, platinum, silver piece, the cake table could use a bit more shimmer. You can even use it as a topper to the cake if you’d like!
  • Highlight the sweetheart table: Grab a vase and display them proudly at the sweetheart table. It would be a beautiful spot to highlight the happy couple or the bridal party.
  • Give them to the flower girls: If you want to be really creative, you can give them to your flower girls to carry down the aisle. It’ll send a unique message, make for a fabulous photo-op, and save you a bit of money in florals too.

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