Wintery Wedding Bouquets With Dusty Miller Additions

Frosted petals filled with romance and whimsy, dusty miller can be used in so many ways when it comes to cultivating and creating a beautiful wedding bouquet. Below you’ll find 10 of the most inspirational bridal florals filled with these delicate additions.

45de1511ad819f8ed9e0e1bb4163530bSoft, Victorian-spirited and romantic, this lush bouquet is full of life and wedding style.

758b3905096952cfff5badebff948c85Of course you can be a bit more minimalistic and go with a singular style such as this magical design.

453bbb534417153a1bd177026fb3c019Here is a beautiful, traditional bouquet that shows clean, crisp lines but delicate, womanly style.

6892019ccf2cad69d66b81a477889fdeHighlight a creamy white bouquet with some light greenery with a velvety texture.

4e7e0baab4411b767fda0c58154f777eDusty miller looks especially vibrant paired with peachy or blush florals, like this arrangement with brings about a unique glow.

33f5660b667a383eda3a40bc86fdd968You can also mix dusty miller pieces with other textural details like berries and green fillers.

e3eae23d6f7c636447cbf3e47a275249Here’s another view of a winter bouquet full of interest and outside-the-box bridal charm.

9d0f9a7afa3dcad4926f1d7ac44cfb40We fell in love with this simple, yet inspiring, bouquet of baby’s breath and dusty miller.

e41a2a54a84b424d5f8458dd499a82cbA personal favorite of the bunch, this may be the most girlishly charming and princess-esque of the bunch.

1afc41e3a3753458cde94d05ca702f02We love how the frosty green breaks up the white peonies of this gorgeous bouquet.

photos via Pinterest