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What To Wear For 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal Dress

Help! What do I wear to my 25th anniversary vow renewal celebration?

Advice please for my renewal dress. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this summer with a renewal in our church at noon, then reception following at a restaurant. Just not sure what to wear. Our 3 daughters will attend with me. I was thinking a dressier sundress for me, and sundresses for our adult and teenage girls. Is this too casual being held in our church?

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Congratulations on your silver anniversary!
Although the vow renewal is usually not a formal event, a sundress may be a little too casual, especially for church. If you have a bolero jacket to go over the dress then perhaps. Here is a page about dresses for wedding vow renewal ceremonies that might help you choose.

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Congratulations! And, thank you for having the proper focus on what this ceremony is supposed to be–not a wedding, but a reaffirmation of a marriage. This is refreshing 🙂

I agree that the dresses might be a bit casual. But, you are going in the right direction. Great advice, by the way. Some sort of cover-up is perfect.

And, please remember that if you are inviting guests to a restaurant for your party, you are expected to pay for them. I imagine you know this, but I have to fold this in for those who don’t.

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