Affordable wedding invitations

Many couples want a dream wedding and do not count money spent, as long as everything is perfect. Reality and the crisis teaches us that weddings have budgets that are becoming smaller and you have to save money, at least where possible, to use them for really important issues such as the dress or wedding reception. The invitations are very important indeed, but they must not be very expensive to do their job, to announce the guests, which is the date and location of the event and to obtain confirmation from them. Here are some ingenious ideas that can make economic and wedding invitations.

Make a site for wedding invitations. One of the nonconformist ideas, that most invitations will embrace and will consider it unique, without thinking for a moment that you have done this for economic reasons. In addition, you will be the eco grooms of the year, because you have not wasted paper on guests and the invitations are not kept anyway. It’s easier and cheaper to buy a domain to do a mini-site to announce your wedding.
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Do not forget to ask users registration so you will know for sure that not anyone has access to your data. Build also a confirmation page and leave contact details for those who are not making the confirmation online. This method is suitable especially for younger guests, who are familiar with the Internet. You can print a few invitations for those who do not have access to the internet, and everything will get cheaper.

Make your own invitations. Those who want to save money but also to create some absolutely unique wedding invitations can choose to make personally make them, instead of calling to a specialized typography. Whether you choose the Internet way, or you can make them by hand, using colored paper, scissors with different models and different applications. There are many specialized shops handcraft, knitting, decorations and accessories, so you have a large range to choose from. Guests will be very pleased to hear that you made yourself the wedding invitations!

Very often, wedding invitations are not so expensive but their price is raised by accessories. For example, many guests include confirmation of participation, namely a second invitation to attend the wedding that will be sent back to the couple to announce their presence and number of persons. You can renounce at the participation confirmation and write your phone numbers on the invitation and ask the guests to call you back for confirmation.

The solution is to choose affordable wedding invitations that are simple and elegant, without too many unnecessary accessories. Choose a medium cardboard, a bit thicker than Xerox type paper and opt for normal printing instead of the gold and silver one. The idea is that in the end, when you watch the wedding invitation, it should not look like a kitsch, although it was cheap. As more personalized the invitations are, much less will give the impression of being cheap. Just think that the money saved with affordable wedding invitations, can be used on your honeymoon.