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Is there one more week and my son will be married. Believe it or not, I’m still shopping for last minute items like shoes. Oh, I shopped for the dress well in advance. But, the dress needed a necklace, or so I was told by every woman who saw the dang outfit. A necklace was not in the plan. What’s a mother of the groom, who’s fashion backward, to do?

I had no idea what sort of jewelry would go with my dress and, frankly, I’m not a bling kinda gal. And now it’s the eleventh hour! SIGH. Enter the wonderful world of Etsy.

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I spent hours finding all the jewelry makers and the wedding specialists on Etsy. There is a ton of stuff to look at and you can spend hours. I found most of the sellers to be quick to reply and have helpful advice for me. (Customer service and email responsiveness is one of the first things I look for when making an online purchase, so this company passed the first hurdle for sure).

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Most Etsy jewelry sellers agreed to assist me personally via e-mail, not really knowing what they were getting themselves into! But they were oh-so-patient and very kind, staying with me, making suggestions and offering a custom designed jewelry set. We finally settled on a beautiful set that we loved.

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My bridal jewelry was sent out to me and it arrived, as expected, in just a few days and I never paid for any expedited shipping. Again, awesome customer service. The jewelry pieces are more than I expected with top-notch workmanship, high quality crystals, beads and clasp.  Best of all, the pricing is affordable and who can say no to a bargain these days?

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It isn’t just the bride who can benefit too. We found some gorgeous bridesmaid jewelry pieces. You could outfit the entire bridal party, there literally hundreds of style choices including necklaces, chokers, earrings, hair jewelry and bracelets. All of the photos and write ups  tell a great story too which is great. My only complaint about is that Etsy jewelry may have too many choices! Highly recommended for bridal jewelry or for budget friendly gifts for your bridesmaids.

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    Jewelry is indispensable for the bridal set, but it is always in excess of our wedding budget. So it is great choice to design handmade bridal jewelry by yourself and I do like the author’s creation which is beautiful and economical.

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    I did not design or make the jewelry though. It was all done by a designer at and at an incredible price I think most people could afford.

  3. San Diego Wedding Venue

    We see an emerging trend at our San Diego wedding venue of all things handmade. It seems that brides see this as a way to stay on budget in a tough economy, but it nearly always results in an innovative twist on traditional themes. We frequently see customized jewelry, which the guests love because it is always something fresh and different. And usually fun!

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    Handmade jewellery are always special. Thanks for this excellent post!

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