Titanium Wedding Bands: Six Reasons to Choose this Modern Metal

You may have noticed that titanium wedding bands are appearing on the fingers of an increasing number of today’s brides and especially today’s grooms. But, what do you know about rings made from this modern metal? There’s a lot to know—and to love—about these strong and sleek pieces. Here are six reasons to choose titanium wedding rings.

Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring1. They’re strong.

Titanium wedding bands are strong—not surprising when you consider that the metal from which they’re crafted is used in aircraft and even in spacecraft. Just as the fortitude of titanium is incredibly valuable in the aerospace industry, it’s also a huge asset for wedding jewelry. Wedding rings that are crafted from titanium are able to stand up to just about anything, making them excellent picks for anyone who’s less than gentle with their jewelry. Their ability to hold their shape and resist scratching also allows them to represent a love that’s strong for a lifetime.

2. They’re featherweights.

While you might expect that titanium wedding bands would be heavy due to their strength, the truth is that they’re remarkably light, making them pieces that are prefect for celebrating a love that lifts you up rather than pulls you down. Styles such as the Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring feel almost buoyant on your finger, proving that strength and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive.

3. They have a cool, modern sheen.

Aside from their performance properties, titanium wedding bands would still be excellent picks for their sleek good looks. Their pieces have a contemporary gray sheen that can be given a nearly mirror-like shine or an understated brushed or satin finish. This modern look is undeniably classy and unmistakably cool.

Concave Titanium Wedding Band Ring4. They won’t tarnish.

Not only do titanium wedding bands have a sleek modern appearance; their good looks aren’t affected by tarnish. As a non-reactive metal, titanium never corrodes, making it a low maintenance choice for wedding jewelry. In addition, its ability to retain its shine for the long haul makes it a prefect medium for representing love that remains beautiful year after year and decade after decade.

5. They’re hypoallergenic.

Even those with sensitive skin can wear titanium wedding bands. Titanium is a pure, naturally hypoallergenic metal, meaning that everyone—including those with metal allergies—can wear it without irritation

6. They’re easy on your wallet.

Despite the many standout qualities of titanium wedding bands, they’re remarkably affordable! Wedding rings that are crafted from titanium can be purchased for much less than similar 14K white gold wedding bands, and for just a small fraction of the cost of platinum styles. Titanium wedding rings are excellent choices for those on a tight budget who don’t want to sacrifice style.

Titanium is still a newcomer to the wedding jewelry scene, but it’s one worth knowing about! From their strength and nearly weightless feel, to their ability to resist tarnish, to their hypoallergenic properties, to their good looks and low cost, there’s plenty to love about titanium wedding bands!