Blending Bride’s and Groom’s Playlists in 3 Easy Steps

It is very common for The Bride and Groom to have contrasting tastes in music. In our daily life, this creates diversity and you know what they say about diversity and the spice of life. BUT when it comes to your wedding day, this contrast is not the spice you may be looking for. So how do Brides and Grooms find a way to both be happy with the music their DJ will be performing at the cocktail party and reception?

Of course every couple is unique and need to find their own happy medium.  Here are some ideas for those couples that may be finding a tug-of-war instead of a happy medium:


1)    Take a deep breath and remember you love each other and both want to enjoy and share your musical selections with your guests. Start with common ground. What songs and genres are you both wanting at your wedding? If you both are fans of Michael Jackson and Madonna, then those two definitely make the list. If you both have parents that are big Sinatra fans, you can add them without much effort too. Are you both grooving to Rihanna these days? Great!  She now is part of your day. Get the picture?


2)    Have you thought about splitting up the reception into two distinct ‘events’ as far as music is concerned? It is pretty common for many Grooms to enjoy less danceable music than Brides. If he is a big Rock or Country Music fan, let him have the honor of choosing most of the music during dinner. If you are a dancin’ fool, start making up your playlist for the real partying.  Of course, you both can add to each other’s ‘event’ but let your partner express themselves fully. It is their wedding too!


3)    Trust your DJ! If you hired an excellent DJ, he or she will be able to seamlessly move the wedding music through your day with ease and grace.  Let them create their masterpiece under your guidance and direction.  I often get the opportunity to play music that includes Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Oldies, Disco and Top 40 all in the same wedding. We have our tricks for pulling it off like every professional. Blending styles and tempos is what good DJs are trained for and excel at when asked to do so.


One last tip. I invite you to not forget your parents when creating the playlist with your DJ. They will be there and want to celebrate with you. If you have many family members from the generation before you, I encourage you to ask them to offer you some ideas for music they want to hear as well. My experience demonstrates that in most cases, they picked the music that often fills up the dance floor the most!


Remember this is a partnership and good music at your wedding is essential. Please be gentle with each other when working with your DJ to create the soundtrack of your wedding.


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  1. Terri

    I especially like the tip about separating the music for dinner and dancing. That is something I definitely didn’t think about it. It may be something I have to consider in the future. My significant other and I both have the same taste in music. However, I am a big fan of calypso, reggae, and Soca because of my culture. I was not sure how we were ever going to work that out when the time comes, but now I have an idea.

  2. Aurea

    I remember in Glee when Emma Pillsbury and Ken Tanaka were about to get married and they have completely opposite taste in music. They kind of ask Will Schuester to have a mash up of their favorite songs, I think a mash up of two different songs will also be perfect for the bride and groom’s dance number. 😀

  3. DJ Mystical Michael

    Terri- The wedding I am DJing Sunday will include Calypso, Reggae and Soca AND Celtic with some Classic Rock mixed in. I get the opportunity often to work with Brides and Grooms from different cultures; makes for fun and creative wedding music.

    Aurea- I like the idea of a mash-up for the First Dance. Last month I did a wedding where the Bride and Groom both wanted the First Dance to be the same song but liked different versions of the song. They came to an agreement to use a third version that incorporated both:) It worked out great!

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions!s

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