Where Can I Learn To Dance For My Wedding?

Where Can I Learn To Dance For My Wedding?

The solution to learning where to dance can be as simple as the dance moves are with the right learning source. Think about how you want to learn and what – then go for it! The options are nearly endless thanks to how connected the Internet makes us all.

Take it Local

Grab a search engine and take a look at the availability of dance lessons near you. There are sure to be someone teaching ballroom moves or even some hip hop steps if you want to level up your first dance. My personal favorite is to go into Google Maps and search for parameters such as “dance lessons near me” or “dancing studios near me” and start checking out what comes up!

Dance to YouTube

There are Youtube videos galore to sift through if you want to try and DIY that first dance or learn some steps on your own. Here are some of our favorite finds taught to us by the lovely Szewai Lee:

Wedding First Dance in 4 Easy Steps

Simple steps indeed! Full view of the dance steps at a comfortable pace that beginners can keep up with. With a runtime of 2:07, it makes this choice a great intro.

The Basic Wedding Dance Tutorial

Szewai Lee shows us how to get in the rhythm to practice our wedding dance moves.

Wedding Waltz Dance

Last, but not least, but most importantly – the waltz!

Dancing Walkthroughs

Similarly, there are websites that will walk you through the process. Here are a couple more of our favorite finds from our friends in the wedding world:

DIY Your First Dance in 6 Simple Steps

Not only will you get the rundown on each step and what they mean, but these simple steps make things even simpler with accompanying videos. Simple, yet comprehensive, and the best of both!

5 Wedding Reception Dance Moves You Need To Know

This list isn’t kidding. You’ll definitely want to check out these popular wedding dances moves in advance. Prepare yourself, the dance floor is coming.

Other Expert Answers

The Knot

“The first dance is one of the most common traditions at a wedding. If you’re planning on doing one, but nervous about the actual act, don’t worry—there are lessons for that. Read on for our reasons why signing up for dance lessons is in your best interest.

  1. You won’t be just awkwardly swaying back and forth.

All eyes are you at this moment. Do you really want to be stuck doing the same moves as when you were dancing with your crush in eighth grade? Maybe you do, but we doubt it. That makes this the perfect time to add a new move (or two) to your repertoire. You don’t have to learn lifts or even a full-on choreographed number, just pick up. some basic ballroom skills to help you look like you know what you’re doing.

  1. It’s a good excuse for date night.

Maybe amid all the planning, work, and your regular activities, “date night” has turned into meeting on the couch with some wine, and your seating chart laid out in front of you. Dance lessons—although technically a part of wedding planning—are fun and a way for you and your partner to do something new and get outside your comfort zones…” – The Knot


“It’s not fun to watch a couple try to do a dance that only one partner is qualified to do.

One of my brides lost her temper on her husband of three hours in the middle of the dance floor, in front of their guests, when his mind went blank on the dance steps they’d so painstakingly learned in many, many dance lessons. Don’t try to force your partner who is on the hokey-pokey level to try to execute more than a few dance steps, in a repeated pattern, or you’re doomed to be disappointed.

Don’t try to do something you’ve never done before for your wedding.

While taking lessons is a good way to make sure you look graceful on the wedding video, you don’t have to dance to a mash-up of six songs you both love. Your first dance doesn’t have to be YouTube-worthy, it just has to be real. It’s far more important to focus on each other than worry about when it’s time to dip, and when it’s time to twirl.’ – BRIDES

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