Wedding Dancing, Bringing Trends to Your Wedding

If you aren’t paying attention, wedding trends can seem to come out of left field and change without warning. One year, bling is in, the next year it’s backyard chic. It may seem like mermaid dresses, swing bands, and cupcakes are suddenly replaced by tea-length dresses, string quartets, and macaroons. But if you DO pay attention, it’s pretty easy to see how pop culture influences wedding trends. For example, the re-emergence of retro-chic weddings and tea length dresses was clearly preceded by the popularity of the TV show, Mad Men.

This couple is performing a dramatic dance at their wedding reception.

This year, when the Golden Globe nominations came out, we made some predictions about 2011 wedding trends. Some are obvious, for example, the movie The King’s Speech (combined with a real 2011 royal wedding) will add a royal touch to a lot of this year’s weddings. Social networking and technology will also continue to play a big part in weddings this year, and the economy is still a factor for most brides and grooms.

But some trends may surprise you. For example, even movies that didn’t do well, like Burlesque, can have an influence on wedding entertainment. A lot of working burlesque and cabaret dancers complain that the movie, and popular acts like the Pussycat Dolls give a warped view of what cabaret or burlesque is really all about, but really they should be celebrating.

Because when you combine the movie with the popularity of TV shows like Glee and Dancing with the Stars as well as trends like flash mob dances, it seems clear that show stopping entertainment will take center stage at weddings this year.

If you’re wondering how to work this trend into your wedding we’ve got some ideas for you:

• If you and your fiancé are good dancers, hire a dance instructor to teach you a special number for your first dance. If either of you are uncomfortable with this idea though, don’t

push it. Also, make sure your wedding dress can accommodate whatever dance you plan on performing.

• Guests often complain about the down time during the cocktail hour while the wedding party is off taking pictures, why not hire a dance troupe to provide entertainment during this time?

• Many DJs have dance instructors they work with to help keep the crowd on the floor during the reception.

• Hire a cabaret act or ballroom dancers to perform during dinner.

So, what do you think? Will you be incorporating dancers into your wedding entertainment?

Photo courtesy of Rebecca at The Studio B. Photography in Atlanta, Georgia.