First Dance Wedding Songs | Getting It Right For Your First Dance As Husband and Wife

wedding first dance songs
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first dance wedding songs
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Let’s admit it – many of us dance more like David Hasselhoff than Fred Astaire.

When it comes to that wedding first dance as a married couple, many newlyweds are filled with absolute dread and fear.  After all, many of us have not slow danced since Senior Prom – and we certainly don’t want to revisit that experience.

Even if you or your beloved has two left feet – you shouldn’t have to fear your first dance as husband and wife.


The worst thing you can do is nothing.  Take advantage of the time leading up to your big day by practicing a few steps.  There is no shame in watching instructional dance videos online or even taking a lesson or two with a private instructor.  The confidence a single lesson will give you, not to mention the embarrassment it can spare you, will be well worth the expense.

wedding first dance songs
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The Band & DJ Can Help

Also, remember that your wedding band (or DJ) is your friend.  Their job is to make sure that you and your guests have a blast and they will be more than happy to make sure that you look good on the dance floor.  Make sure you communicate exactly what you want from them.  Do you want everyone cleared from the dance floor for the first dance or would you rather your guests be there with you?  Want them to cut the first dance song short?  No problem.  The more you plan ahead with your wedding performer the better off you will be.

first dance wedding songs

Get The First Dance Wedding Songs Right

The “first dance” is likely the most popular part of a wedding reception. Every guest waits in anticipation to see the lovely couple take their first dance together. First dances are always the signal to all guests that it time to get the party started. Some couples like to pick a traditional song, others like to pick a special song that means something to them and more recently there is even a trend towards all out dance showcases by couples who do all sorts of fun things. If you need some help, check out our comprehensive list of wedding songs first dance.

wedding first dance
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Baby Got Back First Wedding Dance Song Anybody?

Finally, you should feel free to get creative with it.  Maybe a “Flash Mob”or Thriller rendition. Another unique and memorable first wedding dance idea is to take that big moment and do something really original…

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What ways have you used or have seen used that helped the newlyweds feel comfy on the dance floor?