Top Las Vegas Wedding Food Trends

One of the highlights of nearly any Las Vegas wedding is the menu. Access to world-class cuisine of nearly any variety allows couples to choose menus that reflect their personal tastes, their culture and history, and their love of all things gastronomic. Top trends include:

Themed Interactive Stations: During cocktail hour, give your guests more than just cliché passed hors d’oeuvres – give them an entertaining and delicious culinary experience. Interactive stations are manned by chefs and feature food prepared and served in small, fresh portions right in front of guests. This year, Ceviche served in savory cones is very popular, but you can station practically any kind of food. Love the old-school salad bar with all of the fixings? How about soft pretzels with a variety of dips? If you can imagine it, your caterer can likely make it happen!











Make it Personal: The key to any successful wedding is ensuring it reflects your unique couple personality. The menu is no exception. You may choose to offer a dish that you enjoyed together on your first date, or a pairing of each of your very favorite foods (one for each of you!). Many caterers are delighted to adapt a family recipe given enough time, so go ahead and dig out grandma’s famous oatmeal cookies, or mom’s “secret” salsa,  and give your guests a little “taste” of your traditional sources of comfort and love.












Food Diversity: Las Vegas enjoys unique access to almost any kind of food imaginable. Looking for haute vegetarian cuisine? Want a lavish breakfast for dinner, Spanish tapas or the best Thai food in the west? Simply desire great barbeque with all of the down-home, no-frills fixings? Your choice of the best restaurants, caterers, resorts, bars and venues makes it easy to incorporate exactly what you are looking for into your special wedding menu.

Sustainable Foods: Couples with a conscience may seek menu items that reflect not only their culinary taste, but that make a socially and environmentally responsible statement as well. Las Vegas enjoys numerous sources of prime organic produce, grass-fed and cage-free proteins and other sustainable products that can make your menu green, healthy and super-contemporary. Educate your guests in the art of making delicious food with a social message and your wedding will celebrate more than just the start of your new lives, but the dawn of a new day as well!

In Las Vegas, you can truly have anything you desire at your reception or wedding meal. Dream big and start hungry – your fabulous menu awaits!

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Photos courtesy of Meghan McSweeney Photography