Ideas for Keeping Kids Happy at Your Wedding

photo credit: Mark Nye, via photopin cc
photo credit: Mark Nye, via photopin cc

A wedding truly is a family celebration, and many couples wish to invite the entire family of their friends and family. The wedding ceremony may be brief, but the reception usually goes until the wee hours of the morning. Keep your youngest guests happy with these 6 ideas.

1. Use crayons and coloring pages as place cards at the kids’ table. This will give the little ones something to do while everyone is being introduced at the reception.

2. Create a special kids sized candy bar. The children will feel extra special, and with all of that sugar they will burn some energy on the dance floor too.

3. If you have the space, offer a couch and movie corner for the little ones. Play a kid appropriate movie throughout the reception for the kids to have a place all their own and relax while you party.

4. Make activity bags for each child. The bags can include games, small coloring books, puzzles, silly straws, small cars, or magic wands. Use your imagination, and they will be entertained for hours.

5. Place disposable cameras at the kids table.  Encourage the children to take pictures of each other and document their night on your special day. Give them props for extra fun.

6. Have the DJ bring all the children on to the dance floor for a dance off competition. The boy and the girl that win get a prize.

Taking care of the little guests at your wedding will ensure everyone has a great time.

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