Getting Just The Right Amount of Energy From Your Wedding DJ

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people about Wedding DJs is, “He was just over the top and ruined everything. We just couldn’t get him to shut up!” I have been a wedding guest where I too have experienced that annoying DJ who thinks he’s on the radio and not entertaining for an elegant event.


High energy wedding entertainment
High Energy Wedding Entertainment

I have also heard the reverse criticism like, “He just sat there and it seemed like he didn’t even care that it was our wedding day that we have waited all our whole lives to experience.” I have had the misfortune of witnessing this sad performance too.


So what is the right amount of energy from a Wedding DJ for your wedding?


The answer is simple, it’s whatever you want. I realize that almost every one of my blog posts say this, but it bears repeating… it is your wedding and you get to choose how and what happens! You do not have to work around your Wedding DJ; your Wedding DJ needs to work around you. That, my Friends, is the key to hiring the best DJ, or any vendor, for your special day.


You choose the energy level and how much. If you want your DJ to exude high energy during the Wedding Party Introductions, let him know this. If you want to him to mellow-out during the Cake-Cutting, Bouquet and Garter Tosses, let him know this too. The good news is that we have the ability to raise and lower our energy to meet your needs.


Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to perform at the wedding of  a young couple, to listen to what the Bride requested and honor it. It really wasn’t that hard. She wanted me to have medium energy during Introductions, high energy to encourage dancing  and then to stay out of the way/play good music once the dance floor was full.  I also choose to take on the role of time keeper, you know, the person to pay attention to what time each reception event took place and politely remind the couple as it was approaching. Today, I think most Wedding DJs do this since we are more involved in the process than we used to be. This just helps keep the reception running smoothly. The bride and groom were pleased.


Ask your DJ about their natural energy levels on the mike and during their performance. If it does not meet your needs, ask if he/she is willing to make adjustments to suit.  If they buck the idea, maybe they are not the right for your wedding. The truth is, I’m not the right DJ for all weddings, most aren’t. My style, skills and experience may not match what every Bride and Groom wants for their wedding. This does not offend me. As my father used to say when I was a kid, “That’s why Baskin-Robbins has thirty-one flavors”. Shop around. Interview them. Communicate. Choose your service providers with the right flavor, and energy level,  for your wedding.