What Should Your Wedding DJ Wear?

The answers most Brides will give are either “tux” or “I don’t know, I never thought about it”. It may not seem important in advance but remember your DJ will end up in many photos while people are dancing. It may be in a Bride’s best interest to make sure h/she looks like what you want in your photos. Not to mention we often will be in front of everyone for the whole reception.

inappropriately dressed dj
Don't let this happen to your Wedding!

The Tuxedo is the obvious answer right?  Well maybe.  Do you want to risk your DJ out dressing the Groom or the Wedding Party?  Maybe we should take a look at this a little closer to make sure we have him or her dressed properly. If your DJ is dressed in a fancy tuxedo and nobody else is dressed in a tux, does it make sense?  We are at your wedding to enhance the experience, not take the shine from you or your groom.

So what should your DJ wear to your Wedding? It depends on what your guests are wearing. If most of your male guests are wearing a suit and tie and you have a male DJ; that is what he should be wearing. If your guests are wearing khakis and a shirt, I would recommend he wear a tie but not much more formal. Again, enhance not distract.

I recently was DJ and MC at a wedding and a small reception of a couple in their thirties and forties.  They were dressed very well. He in a nice suit, well groomed and she was wearing a beautiful gown. Their guests were mostly dressed more casual, except for the Best Man and the Bride’s Grandfather, none of the men were wearing suits. I asked them about this in advance to make certain I was in appropriate attire. They had not thought about it and she decided it would be best if I wore pants and a shirt, pretty casual. I asked if I should wear a tie as well. She hesitated and said, “No”. I was not convinced that is what she really wanted and that she was trying to make me feel confortable, which I do not need. I asked her again if I should wear a tie and this time sheepishly she said, “Maybe”.  I answered, “How about I bring a tie and wear it if it makes sense?”  She smiled broadly and said that felt good to her. That is what I did. Her wedding, her choice.

As you are planning your music and other details with your DJ, I encourage you to have a conversation about attire as well. How would you feel if all your guests are dressed to the nines and your DJ is in jeans and a sweatshirt?  Remember, we work for you. Ask for what you want and if we are not willing or able to accommodate, maybe you need to consider if you are hiring the right DJ. There are many good DJs to choose from, choose wisely.