Top Places To Propose This February

February is commonly known as the month of love due to the presence of Valentine’s Day, making it a very popular time for wedding proposals all over the globe. A proposal is usually something that you only get to do once, so you’ll want to make the experience as enchanting as possible. While the ring plays a very important role, often the destination can be just as important. Europe is perfect for the ultimate romantic proposal, so grab your prized engagement ring, E111 renewal and head off to these destinations for an enchanting proposal.

Kühtai, Austria

When thinking of the most romantic proposal, many people will often think of Paris or Venice, however somewhere magical that you might not have thought of is Kühtai in Austria. Here, you can snuggle up to your loved one in a cozy igloo, perfect for getting intimate before you pop the major question. The Igloo-Village is Austria’s highest resort, standing at 2,020m high with stunning views for miles on end. After the proposal, you can celebrate in a warming Jacuzzi with a drink to keep you warm, or alternatively, keep the celebration in your igloo with warm covers and a bottle of bubbly.

Juliet’s Balcony, Italy

It might sound a little cliché, but what better place to propose than a balcony famous for the most romantic love story that ever lived? Situated at the site of the greatest love story ever told, Juliet’s Balcony is one of Verona’s main attractions, with couples of all ages saying yes to eternal love with each other there. On this balcony, not only can you feel the romantic atmosphere, but you also get to witness to some of Verona’s most stunning views, with gorgeous architecture stretching for miles. Sure, the love story of Romeo and Juliet had a tragic end, but let’s just forget about that part…

Santorini, Greece

When it comes to romantic islands, Greece certainly comes out on top. Known as one of the most romantic islands in the world, Santorini is the perfect destination for a February proposal, with the white and blue-domed churches and captivating turquoise oceans. For the most beautiful proposal, we suggest staying at the luxurious Mystique, which is found atop a cliff that overlooks the Santorini caldera, offering you amazing views that you would never have seen before. Then, to celebrate, you can watch the sunset with a glass of wine in hand.

Lake Torassieppi, Finland

While many enjoy soaking up the sun on their proposal getaway, sometimes the most magical proposal can be in the chillier places, such as Finland. What’s more magical than the world’s natural wonder – the northern lights? Proposing under this phenomenon will undoubtedly remain as the most magical memory of all time for both you and your beau, making it one of the best destinations. For the ultimate experience, stay in the new igloo-shaped tents, equipped with clear panels so you can watch the lights dance whilst cuddling up to your fiancé in the warmth.

We all know how scary a proposal can be, however, these stunning destinations are bound to ease the nerves. Hopefully, this will be the only marriage proposal that you ever do, so live in the moment and make it a special memory!