Remembering Your Wedding Day: Why A Professional Photographer Can Make It Better

Image by The Merlin Phuket via Flickr

Few people can capture the special moments on your wedding day in the same way that a professional photographer can. There is often a misguided opinion that anybody with a semi-decent camera, smart-phone or tablet can take a photo equally as well as a professional and all of their equipment. So why pay to have someone shoot your wedding when absolutely anyone of your guests could be doing it? Well, there is a distinction between amateur and professional photographers; years of experience, training and practice that helps them understand lighting, movement and angles, and then of course there are also post-processes. The hours of work touching up and editing the photos to make them perfect. That is the difference you should pay for.

Let’s see what’s involved in professional photography:

Skills and Equipment

Well, instead of just an iPhone and some holiday snapping experience, a professional, like those in the Studio 4 Photography Team,  will arrive with a neatly packed and ordered kit of lenses, flashes, lights, tripods, memory cards, batteries, backup batteries and spare cameras; somehow all stowed neatly along without getting in the way at all.

But all of this equipment would help very little if they weren’t in the hands of someone with the experience to use them, and the understanding to combine colour, light, texture, angles and shutter speeds perfectly, to get the exact shot they are looking for. An eye for those kinds of things only comes from the extensive experience found in photographers.

Professional Courtesy

Perhaps the biggest difference between an amateur and professional photographer is that one knows how to get great shots without tripping over the bride and landing camera first into the wedding cake, and it may be a bit of a chance to take with the other. Even with all their equipment, a good photographer knows how to do two things: they can easily stay out of everyone’s way, and they can make you feel comfortable about having a camera in front of you. What you want is a photographer like the one from Rachel and Luke’s engagement shoot.

After The Shoot

Photo editing is where a lot of the best work goes into photographs, and it also happens to be the hardest part (depending on what needs editing). But the point is that a pro’s understanding of what goes into the photograph’s makeup and their know-how when it comes to editing it, will make every single photo they work on look magical. You wouldn’t get that kind of photo-editing from your groom to be’s nephew.

So, you can see that wedding photography is not a simple matter of point and shoot. There is a lot to think about when you want to bring your photographs to life, and life is exactly what a professional will give them. So instead of just having snaps at your
wedding, get someone who can produce images that will be good enough to frame in your home forever.