wedding proposal ideas
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STOP! Don’t Do It! Completely Avoid These Days for Your Wedding Proposal.

wedding proposal ideas
Source: photo credit: dkshots via photopin cc

Planning a wedding proposal is exciting and nerve racking at the same time. There are a few days each year that you should avoid popping the question. Make the day special and ask your future bride to become your wife on a day she will remember and look back on with a smile. These wedding proposal tips will save you.

At all cost avoid proposing on these days.

1. Mother’s Day. You mother and her mother may have an issue with this one. Start your new family off right and let your future mother-in-law have her own day.

2. Father’s Day. The same goes for old dad. Let him relax, and don’t disturb his day by proposing to your girlfriend.

3. Thanksgiving. It’s a time for family and giving thanks, but not popping the question. When everyone is saying what they are thankful for, don’t put her on the spot in front of the entire family to ask the question. You might not be thankful for the answer.

4. Someone’s Anniversary Celebration. When attending a friend or family member’s anniversary dinner, let the night be about the couple. You may be inspired by their lasting love for one another, but use that inspiration to plan an amazing proposal on another day.

5. When she is sick. You are a great boyfriend and want to show her that you will love her in sickness and in health. Just bring her some soup and tissue and leave the ring at home until she is well. A girl wants to look back on the day and remember how wonderful it was, and not how sick she was that day.

6. Anniversary of a Death. This could probably go without saying, but be sensitive to those dates.

Basically, plan your proposal on a day that will be all about her. Make the memory special, and she will look back on the date with happiness.

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