October wedding theme

October wedding themes can be considered as being equal to fall wedding themes…. We’re sure that you have a general idea on how you can apply for a theme or another. For instance, you have to take into account several details whenever we’re speaking of such weddings and with such themes. We’re sure that you already picked your wedding theme and that you have a general idea on what you have to do to take end up with a really gorgeous ceremony, successful in the same time.

So, we thought it would really be a gorgeous idea to share with you some interesting elements and details that concern this type of wedding and that you have to take into account whenever it comes to events like these.

First of all, you have to know that the main colors if we’re speaking of October wedding themes are warm ones and you can definitely apply for gold, brow, orange or even purple. One of these colors that we’ve just mentioned about and their different variations, this is possible and you can definitely take into account such a combination.

Also, we would like to add that fruits and vegetables are really important to be shown in table arrangements and ornaments and this will definitely be an interesting visual effect and not only- think of pumpkins and grapes. You can make special ornaments and arrangements out of these or you can simply place them on the table to be consumed by the guests, especially.

When it comes to the food and dishes, try combining the traditional dishes with the ones that are prepared in particular in that period of the year. We’re certain that this sounds an interesting combination and that you can’t wait to use your imagination and not only….

The wedding cake has to have a touch of fall as well and we’re certain that you know what referring to. In this case, we’re speaking about the fact that you have to apply for wedding cakes that are ripped from stories or something like that or ones that highlight pretty much from what exact “story” it’s a part of. to be more specific, we’re thinking about a wedding cake that has small pumpkin details on it, or one that has leaves and it’s made in golden and orange tones. Also, another gorgeous idea would definitely be to make a wedding cake in shape of a pumpkin….

All of these ensure the fact that you’re going to end up with a really interesting wedding that is a part of October wedding themes and we think that this is exactly what you need in case you’re searching for symbols and motifs.