Inspiration Board: The Romantic


Hers is an old soul and a young heart. She’s been told that she’s too enigmatic—fascinating, sometimes eclectic, sometimes reserved. But she is a woman who feels everything deeply. She falls in love sometimes too quickly, but always with her entire heart. Her most prized possession? Great-grandmother’s diamond and grandfather’s army-issued thermos. She can’t ever choose between the two.  Her quiet glamour always draws second glances. Art museums and foreign cafés are her solace; her favorite mode of travel is solo.

Sound familiar? If your style is timeless and you can’t help but celebrate eras past while dreaming of your new future, the romantic wedding may be yours. Tea roses, lace, and gilt are always in fashion, and add a modern twist by choosing gold or bronze stilettos for your grand entrance. For a unique yet age-old centerpiece idea, scatter peach-hued rose petals around Victorian-style kerosene lamps. Serve hors d’oeuvres on vintage plates and platters gathered from antique shops. Keep your guests entertained early in the reception by leaving stacks of self-addressed vintage postcards and ink pens on the tables with directions to write an encouraging note or two; then have your maid of honor mail a few at a time to you over the next several months.

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