Are Porta Potties Needed at My Wedding Venue and How Many Do I Need?

When planning your wedding, you want to think about basic needs and not just a glorious future. When we say basic needs, we’re referring to a need for a clean, working restroom facility or at a minimum, adequate toilet facilities.

You’d be surprised to learn that with older wedding venues, there are not always large enough facilities for the number of guests planning to attend a wedding celebration. Back in the day, fewer restrooms were built with venues than is normal today, which sometimes leaves people feeling like they’re queuing at the ladies’ restroom for too long. Other times, the facility is too old or not comfortable for guests.

Indoor or Outdoor Venue?

Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, the venue decides the need for restroom facilities. If you’re using an existing indoor venue, then you can hire a portable potty that’s situated at the side or the back of the facility and is easily accessible to guests. This can be used as a secondary facility when the queues inside have gotten too long or as a replacement to the inadequate facilities inside. It’s up to you whether to designate the interior facilities all for the female guests and have the men venture outside.

For an outdoor venue, porta potty rental for outdoor wedding is an excellent idea. You want to consider how easy it will be to walk around the venue – think about rainy days and muddy or unsteady ground, especially – and the distance between the main tent and the porta potty facility.

Is a Porta Potty a Necessary Wedding Expense?

When it comes to the comfort of your guests, the last thing you want is for someone to have an unhappy “accident” because the restroom had a line a mile long outside. You want to ensure both that the facilities are more than satisfactory and that there’s enough of them.

It’s one of those wedding expenses that perhaps you wonder about but are glad you paid up for on the day. There’s nothing that makes women more unhappy than long queues for the restroom. Also, you do not want guests repeatedly asking where this or that person has gotten to when they’re stuck in the restroom queue with several other guests. Very quickly, they’ll conclude that the event was poorly planned and that’s a definite no-no.

How Many Porta Potties Are Needed?

As a rule, one restroom facility is needed for every 100 guests in attendance. With more guests and more alcohol consumed, add more portable restrooms as needed. Using this metric is a good way to judge whether additional restrooms are needed to augment what’s already available at a venue. Factor in what’s already available to decide how many units to rent for the day.

Whether planning to provide a porta potty or a luxury restroom facility that is driven into position for the event, having enough facilities is the key criteria in this area. If in doubt, have more facilities to avoid queues of any kind. If you’ll have more female guests than male ones, plan to allocate more restroom facilities for women than men.