3, 2, 1… Wedding


Life in the twenty first century is extremely hectic.  By 2050, 80 per cent of us will be living in cities, and that means the over-crowded, noisy and busy lives will be the norm for the majority of us.  Our lives are already busy enough as it is!  Turning to weddings, planning one in the current UK culture of chaos is tiring, stressful and confusing.  It’s probably enough to make you throw up your hands and give in.  That’s why a lot of people are lowering the scale of their special day to something a little lower-key.

Nevertheless, whatever your type of wedding, you’ll need to make sure you maximise the time that you have to ensure you get the most out of it.  There are a hundred and one things to do when you’re organising a wedding, so how can you make sure you get the most stuff done in the little time you have available to you.

Experience it for yourself

Go to weddings!  You might think you’re too busy to go to other people’s weddings, but the more experience you get seeing how they’re organised and put together the better you’ll be at organising your own.  If you’re currently getting married, it’ll be likely that some of your friends or co-workers will be tying the knot too, so you should have plenty of opportunities to see how it works before you get to your big day.  Just don’t let your own wedding be the first wedding you’ve ever been to.


Ask, ask, ask

Seeing weddings first hand is lovely way of discovering how weddings are planned, but you’re not going to have much of a chance to ask questions on the day.  If you’re looking for fast tips, you should instead turn to people you know who are already married and quiz them. Perhaps you could take them out to lunch and ask them there, that way it won’t feel like a chore and you’ll find out what you need to know without much waiting around.


Write it down

Create a schedule and stick to it.  If you write things down you will find it more difficult to not do it because you’ve already acknowledged its existence.  A good suggestion is to write a list of all of the things you need to do, and then you can just tick them off.  If you want to digitalise this method, you could use a planning site, as that will really maximise your efficiency.

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