Classic Winter Proposal Ideas

You can’t get more romantic than a proposal during the festive period, regardless of how you do it. The internet has an abundance of wedding site inspiration on how you can propose and guarantee a “yes!” as well as preparing for the wedding post-celebration, and we’re here to help.

Down on one knee is the tradition, and old habits die hard, however there are a number of ways you can make your proposal extra special. Overthinking such an important aspect of your life can have you flunking your lines and giving into nerves. Keep your proposal simple and thoughtful; your other half won’t be able to resist.

Winter is all around

This year, we are set for a fairly mild and damp Christmas. Although temperatures have dropped slightly, it is still nowhere near as cold as it should be. This means if you were after a wintery and festive proposal, you might be disappointed. However, why not transform the area around you? Don’t wait for it to snow, bring the snow to you!


Fake snow is easily accessible with a glorious snow machine transforming an otherwise miserable looking scene into a winter wonderland. If you’re having trouble getting your hands on a snow machine (or have a modest budget), then deck the hall with boughs of holly! Pick your favourite location together and decorate with no limit. White cloths to represent snow, holly and mistletoe hanging from the ceiling and a roaring fire will create a warm, cosy and Christmassy atmosphere. All you need is the mulled wine or cider prepared for the celebration to begin.

Snow is vital to any wintery themed proposal but there are many small (and more complicated) extras you can opt for. For example, how about a trip to the penguin section of your local zoo with festive decorations and “will you marry me?” spelt in the fake snow? Of course, you might need to get the zoo permission first…

Head off on an adventure

If the damp UK isn’t exactly your cup of tea then why not consider the mini trip? You will have the peace and quiet as well as the sunshine if that’s what you fancy. It can be like a pre-honeymoon, and you can never have too many holidays.

Consulting the weather forecast, you can find the perfect area with the most gorgeous sunshine. Winter sun is growing in popularity with the likes of the Caribbean and Mediterranean allowing Brits to escape the winter blues, long or short haul.



Winter sun involves more than beaches and cocktails whilst watching the sun set on another perfect day. As delicious as that sounds, you can always head to the slopes as well. What could be more romantic and festive than fresh snow slopes, log cabins and toasted marshmallows? Any experienced skier/snowboarder will be keen but even if you’re not, why not give it a go!

Whether this is over Christmas day itself or just before, a romantic proposal away from home has that wow factor.

Get all involved

Heading away for your proposal has that secluded factor but what if you’re one for big family dos full of laughter, and the dodgy dance moves of Uncle Bob? What if you’re the sort of couple who are the life and soul of the party? Or what if you can think of nothing better home comforts during this cosy time of the year? There are options for you too.

There’s nothing like a festive family celebration, whether that’s on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Get the whole family involved whether that’s a flash mob dance around one of your hometown’s most famous landmarks or a unique (and albeit slightly out of tune) rendition to your other half’s favourite song, a cheering crowd has that celebratory feel.

Top tips

  • Don’t overthink it; the small details that show you care have much more of an impact than any grand yet stereotypical gesture.
  • Tap into their interest; this may seem obvious but it is so easy to opt for clichés when it comes to the theme of weddings. Why hide the ring in the cake when you’ve never seen your other half even dip a spoon into a blackforest gateau? Keep it small and extremely personal.
  • Be yourself; if big gestures aren’t your thing then why do it? The result will only puzzle the recipient. If a quiet film night in is your favourite hobby, there is no better way to propose to the love of your life. Maybe even act out one of your favourite scenes…
  • Money doesn’t equal happiness; All of the above is proof you don’t need to spend a fortune of proposing, and for the appending wedding either.
  • Sentimentality beats all; simple really.