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Timeless & Gorgeous Winter Wedding Color Combinations

Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular every year. There’s a certain bout of whimsy and romance inside the chillier season that cannot be found throughout the warmer weathers. The snow, the glistening night lights, and the holiday spirit all come together to create a magic that becomes the perfect foundation to an unforgettable wedding day.

Planning your timeless and gorgeous winter wedding starts with choosing the right palette. Below, we’ve gathered 10 colors and combinations that work throughout the frostiest of times.

From the bridesmaid’s gowns to the flowers, here’s a bit of inspiration to get your wheels turning and your preparation started on the right foot.

Black + Gold

Black and gold is a chic and modern way to showcase your wedding. From fashion-forward energy surrounding the day’s ensembles to a bit of bold sparkle at the cake table, it’s a bold, strong way to have your day be represented.

The quiet mystery also bodes well with the ethos of a wintertime celebration.

black and gold wedding party


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Red + White

If you’re looking for a more traditional way to plan for your winter wedding, a crisp red and white palette may suit your needs. Be bold in a red wedding dress or have you ladies look powerful and strong in the most vibrant shade. Your flowers will contrast beautifully with a snowy scenic view too – it’s a great way to highlight the season.

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Sapphire + Silver + Blush

This color palette shows off a beautiful medley of bridal spirit intertwined with both feminine and masculine qualities. The men will look gorgeous in sapphire blue suits and leave the blush details for the ladies to dawn. Sapphire, silver, and blush tones also give a lot of room for mixing and matching decor among the florals and the tablescapes.

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Mint + Emerald + Silver

Shades of green can make a pretty contrast against the barren skies in the wintertime. The silver acts as a beautiful, snowy topping to a lush bout of greenery – both in the bridesmaids’ hands and on the tables.

Decorate with table garlands, welcoming wreaths, and silver accents. 

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All Shades Of White

One of the most timeless of options is to go with an all-white wedding – varying the shades and tones just slightly. Mix the creams within your floral designs and within your table linens to give a nice contrast.

Also, focus on textures to infuse some interest and fashion-forward energy.

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Cranberry + Sage

For brides who want something a bit more warm and bold, think about adding cranberry into your winter mix. It’s a wonderful shade of the season and pairs nicely with bouts of greenery – especially lighter shades such as sage.

The contrast is beautiful to photograph and can be really versatile when decorating. 

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Powder + Silver + Gold

One of the more romantic trios of colors is powder blue, silver, and gold. It definitely evokes a sense of fairy-tale charm and helps to easily create a princess-esque atmosphere.

But most importantly, in terms of a winter wedding, helps to transform any space into something sparkling – and frosted.

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Champagne + Navy + Blush

A slight differentiation from its sapphire, silver, and blush counterpart, this one is too a traditional palette. It’s a beautiful way to combine both masculine and feminine energies while topping it off with a metallic that punches up the formal style.

Dress the men in blue, dip the ladies in gold, and use the blush to accent the rest.

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Emerald + Black + Grey

Here’s one of the more unique palettes of the list. Emerald is such a strong shade on its own, that a bit of black and grey can help to truly make a statement.

For some organic vibes mix with mystery and sensuality, think about staying in the realm of modern spirits with this one. 

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Grey + Gold

Stay neutral but take it to a new level by using metallic tones. Mix your greys with toppings of gold to create a palette that’s both whimsical and contemporary.

Think about golden hardware and grey linens – or champagne petals tied with grey ribbons.

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