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Q: “How Can I Have A Second Wedding On A Budget?”

When preparing for your second wedding, the prospect of the second wedding costs can be daunting! Luckily, there are some very straightforward ways to have a beautiful ceremony and reception for less. From the entertainment to the flowers, your second wedding can be simultaneously sensible and gorgeous!

The guests: This is perhaps the best way to cut the costs of your second wedding. Consider only inviting those that are closest to you so that you can focus on making your intimate ceremony an incredible experience. For your wedding guest think quality, not quantity!

The flowers: Design your own bridal bouquet and make your own floral arrangements! There are lots of tutorials on how to do these online and purchasing directly from a wholesaler will save you a surprising amount! When purchasing flowers consider that many varieties will be in-season at different times, which greatly affects their cost! Do your research, find flowers that are in-season and beautiful while being inexpensive. Supplementing flowers with greenery, candles, or lanterns can also extend the reach of the flowers you purchase.

The venue: If you absolutely must have a specific venue that happens to be particularly expensive, consider booking it during an off-peak time for weddings. You’ll be surprised how much it will discount your costs! Another way to cut down on costs is to find a venue that will host both the ceremony and the reception. This will eliminate the hassle of coordinating traveling in between and reduce the man-hours for any hired services like photographers. You can also always hold it at your home or the home of a family member!

The reception: Since you can’t ask the guests to pay for food, the dinner portion of the reception represents a substantial cost. Depending on the timing your wedding you can instead offer a cake reception with punch or champagne or even appetizers. If you’re having an open bar, offering beer, wine, and a signature cocktail rather than a full bar is a great way to save money. If you do decide to offer a sit-down dinner, use large tables; Large tables means fewer tablecloths and fewer centerpieces.

The entertainment: Particularly with a smaller gathering, a DJ and a dance floor may not be the right investment. Other options to entertain guests during the reception may include a photo and video slideshow or a featured soloist to perform your favorite songs.

The invitations and favors: Consider emailing your save-the-dates and making your own invitations. You can find beautiful stationary for relatively little.  For smaller ceremonies you can forego wedding favors or offer one per couple. If you want to have favors, consider assembling them yourself!

The photos: If you want to hire a professional photographer, don’t be shy in asking a photographer if he or she has an associate who may be able to offer services for less. You may be able to find a great photographer for a steal!

What are some other ways to save money during a wedding? What did you do to make your second wedding special?