Wedding Planning – The Sixth Step – Hire a Wedding Planner

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back and we have something really great to discuss with you, at the sixth step of the wedding planning process. In the following lines we want to approach the subject concerning the wedding step when you will have to hire a wedding planner.
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Although you wanted to save some money and to plan everything on your own, it seems that the constant state of fatigue has taken over the two of you and therefore a professional is needed. However, because people find it hard to realize when they need help, we will begin by pointing out the signs that indicate when a wedding planner is required.

Wedding Planning - The Sixth Step - Hire a Wedding PlannerCredit
Wedding Planning - The Sixth Step - Hire a Wedding Planner

So far, you have tried to envision the whole project, you have looked for a wedding venue, you have settled the wedding budget and the wedding date and last but not least you have bought the best wedding invites, ever. It seems, that you have done quite a lot of work, therefore you feel more and more tired, irritated and frustrated. This is normal, but at the same time this is also a sign that a helping hand is needed.

Also, because you have decided to omit these signs, now you cannot sleep, or even worse you have nightmares about your wedding day. We admire your tenacity, perseverance and ambition, but remember if you want to look gorgeous at your wedding ceremony a proper rest will matter a lot. Thus, grab your cell phone and start looking for help.

Lately you and your groom have started to fight and you can not manage to find a common denominator, any more. Or, you have the impression that the wedding vendors are ripping you off, thus taking advantage of the fact that you are unaware of the correct prices on the wedding market. Well, what other sign more convincing than this, do you require, in order to hire a wedding planner?

But maybe, now you wonder: how can I find a wedding planner that won’t make a whole in my wedding budget. Precisely because you have been conscientious and you have established your wedding budget, you will know how much you can afford to pay this person. But, this is a price that allows negotiation, therefore ask the person that you desire to work with, if he / she is willing to give you a better price. Anyway, here is something you might need, in order to clear things up.
How Much Do Wedding Planners Cost?

In order to find somebody trustful and nice, you can start by asking your friends if they have a recommendation for you. This is always a great step to begin your search, because if you are lucky you won’t have to search a long time. But, if none of your friends have someone to suggest for you, then you should look in the local newspaper or over the Internet. Anyway, in case you are from New York and if you want to find this special person, here is a list containing the most important wedding planners.

Wedding PlannersWedding Planners
Wedding Planners

In case you have no idea how should this person be like, you should know that first of all he / she must be experienced. As a result, when interviewing, you will have to ask a portfolio with pictures from their previous work. In this way, you will be able to find out if the person you might be working with has great tastes, knows a few things about the wedding décor , in short if he / she will be able to pull your wedding party off. Also, ask if he / she knows many wedding vendors, or if the negation skills are pretty high. It is very important to name your wedding budget from the beginning and to make sure that this person will be able to sort things out only with this money. Also, try to find a nice person to whom you may relate, in order to transform your wedding planning into a: bliss.

It is important to find somebody friendly and nice, because you will need to realize a connection, you will need to be able to get in touch with this person, and to communicate all your desires. At the same time, you will have to make things clear and you will have to tell this person all the things you expect him / her to do. In this way, everything will be okay. Oh, and make sure that this person knows that even if you are more busy and you cannot get involved in all the wedding stages, there are some things that need to be clarified with you: the color of the wedding decorations, the prices, the venue, and so on. This website will help you understand which is: a wedding planner’s job, so you would better take a look at it.
What Do Wedding Planners Do?

However, if you realize that it is best not to hire a wedding planner, you should become aware of all the things that need to be fixed before the wedding, i.e. the wedding apparel, the wedding favors, decorations, finding a wedding photographer, wedding venue, and so on. What we advise you to do is to plan the wedding together with your parents, friends, relatives, bridesmaids, and so on. In this way, you will receive a lot of support and the whole process won’t seem such a big burden.

Thus, think about this thing, talk with those around you and make a decision, because the clock is ticking and there are other many things that need to be established. Anyway, we will meet you next time here, with details, concerning the wedding shopping process.