High class menu

A high class wedding can be described as a wedding with a lot of fast surrounding it, a wedding in which all the foods that are prepared are emphasized next to the other essential elements. The menu should be in perfect coordination with the outfits, with the salon arrangements, with the invitations and in other words with the entire ceremony. Dare to choose some foods that are exquisite and really gorgeous looking in the same time! Surely they’re going to end up really tasty. The proof: you can even taste them before applying for them.

The high class menus have a lot of varieties in them and you can end up with a medieval wedding if you want to, where the main element is a part of the space in which the wedding takes place, but to which knights shouldn’t be absent.

In the same proportion, you can apply for a wedding in a very modern style with the most exclusivist types of food. A high class wedding can be one in which the official parts take place in a plane, and here we would suggest that after all the papers and ceremonies involved, the guests should be served with spreads with caviar and a good champagne.
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The most expensive meat can be used as well. The sauces that are next to them are well known for the associating of the ingredients. The sweets are also essential- complete the desert with them.

The options are multiple, but the menu has to be chosen with care. So that all the components have the elegance and taste of perfect harmony, the open bar should involve a variety of fine and expensive drinks.

Here’s our suggestion of high class menu for your high class wedding and we hope that you enjoy all the elements involving it.

So, you can apply for goose foie gras with goose tongue served with plums jelly. There’s also the file of red tuna grilled and served with watercress and lemon sauce, served with green asparagus grilled as well and carrot noiset.

We continue with deer medallion served with wild mushrooms and berry sauce, partridge filled and served with mashed potatoes and white truffles. You can add fruits, cakes and the wedding cake.

To continue with another suggestion of high class menu for your wedding day, we would like to add some caviar, tomatoes and trout as well as salmon and perch rolls filled with spinach.

We’re sure that we attracted your interest with all these elements and components that involve a high class wedding and we’re certain that you’re going to apply for some of the things exposed here because they’re really interesting in the same time.