Fairytale wedding menu

Don’t forget to pay extreme attention to the wedding menu, especially when you have one with a certain theme. In the case of a fairytale wedding everything starts from the tableware and it finished with an authentic cake in a really special shape. In every little detail you have to add a touch of story and fairytale and you have to use fruit sauce and roasted meat. Be original and make sure that serving the food and even arranging it is special.

The most interesting and beautiful fairytale is that when you start your life with the beloved person next to you and the fascination that everyone has when they’re at the beginning of a road, even when they are adolescents.
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The participation of the first most important event in your life, the wedding should be done in a very personal manner and you can add a touch of you in every little detail. Every little detail has to satisfy the pleasure of the couple but in the same time it has to be a special surprise offered to the guests. The participants to the fairytale wedding are really important. They have to enter in this role together with you. The fairytale wedding can have a fascinating character through the manner in which you dress and the guests dress. The guests can apply for elegant suits and you two can act as a part of the story with a chariot, a white horse and so on….

The organization of the event is really important, you can make it in a white background where the tables are covered with silk and white veil and the tableware has to be at the highest level, also there’s ambient music chosen with attention and the food is at the highest level of quality with a special presentation.

Here’s how we continue our article concerning wedding menus with suggesting you some dishes that are really tasty in the same time. So, there’s the open bar that you can apply for and we continue with a turkey roulade that is served with salad and figs, there’s also the salmon batog served with red caviar, Siberian sturgeoun roulade, ostrich medallion served with orange sauce and there’s the beef jerky in dough served with wild mushrooms and smoked potatoes. We continue with the Saint Honoree cake, fruits and chocolate cascade. All of these blend into creating the perfect  menu; it’s really tasty and gorgeous looking in the same time and you can definitely apply for it in case you’re organizing a fairytale wedding.